Facing Mass Exodus, FL School Board Kills LGBT Scheme

In a victory for pro-family forces and Christian parents, the Lee County (FL) School Board killed a highly controversial resolution proclaiming October as LGBT History Month throughout the school district. The reason: The realization that they could face a mass exodus to safer alternatives.

The grassroots Florida Citizens Alliance responded to the resolution by notifying the school board that the moment they approved the resolution, every student in Lee County would become eligible for a Hope Scholarship. These allow children to attend private school if there are problems with their government school.

Countless families in Lee County and across Florida believe such a resolution creates an intimidating, harassing, bullying and threatening school environment. Any one of those factors creates a Hope Scholarship qualifying incident under Florida law.

Further, the Hope Scholarship law assigns the school board an affirmative duty to notify parents of their Hope Scholarship opportunities. By approving the resolution they would have created an intimidating, harassing, bullying and threatening environment for students whose parents have sincerely held convictions regarding the LGBT agenda. 

The law then requires the school district to notify any and all parents that the State of Florida provides a scholarship that will help them transfer their child to a safer school environment.

Fortunately, in this case, the school board pulled the resolution from their agenda. Apparently, they did not want a massive number of students to transfer out of Lee public schools.

What remains is the Hope Scholarship.

Florida Citizens Alliance continues to remind parents that when their child encounters an intimidating, harassing, bullying or threatening school environment, that child immediately becomes eligible for a Hope Scholarship.

In addition, the offense can originate in instructional materials, a book in the media center, an action by a school staff or faculty member, student behavior or any other source.

The Hope Scholarship is a gift to Florida parents to empower them to find a safer school environment for their children. Florida Citizens Alliance encourages parents and families to know and exercise their scholarship opportunities.

However, some experts caution that educational totalitarians will seek to use the tax funding as a way to try to start regulating private schools. It is imperative that educational freedom be preserved.

2 thoughts on “Facing Mass Exodus, FL School Board Kills LGBT Scheme”

  1. Finally Great News. As more and more examples rise as to how to protect our kids and schools from this agenda we can turn back to normalcy.

    Theresa from Ca. Fighting for the kids and Grandkids. I’m schocked at how many people have no idea of the laws being inacted in our schools.

    Thank You

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