Far-Left Elites Tricking Blacks Into War on America, Black Activist Warns

Black activist Chaziel Sunz revealed in an explosive video that black Americans are being deceived by “demonic” forces on the far-left into joining an upcoming, actual war against Americans on U.S. soil.

The ex-militant also pointed out that Black Lives Matter is not even controlled by black people but is instead a front for powerful elites such as billionaire George Soros and the Clinton family.

The forces involved are building a coalition, including immigrants who are being brought in and brainwashed to hate America, that they hope will eventually unleash hell in the United States.

The Democratic Party and Antifa are involved, he said, calling Antifa a “terrorist group” funded by the Rothschild family and other power elites.

Eventually, the goal is a “huge civil war that is being planned out right now,” the former activist said in the 2017 video that has recently re-surfaced amid the engineered chaos enveloping American cities.

“They are basically trying to get you to fight for war that is being started on American turf, very very soon,” he said. “And they want us to be a part of their side.”

“BLM if you are not caught up, it is not even a real black organization, and never was,” he said, adding that things were “about to hit the fan.”

“If you have any kind of brain, you know BLM is endorsed by the Soros and the Clinton family,” he said. “If you have any kind of a brain, you know that those same people don’t give a damn about you, don’t give a damn about black people—they are exploiting the black plight to make money off of you.”

There are dark “hidden powers who are controlling the narrative,” Sunz warned in the message, which he said was directed at fellow black Americans. “They’re brainwashing you to feel a certain way about the system, about white people, about every race, and about yourself.”

“Do not let these beasts, these evil people, do this,” he continued, adding that he was not referring to individuals of any particular race, as blacks and whites were involved in the plot.

“This is all a big set up,” he added. “It’s huge propaganda.”

Noting that white leftists who do not care about blacks were seeking to manipulate them, Sunz called for black Americans to “put the race thing to the side right now.”

“A lot of the black leaders are straight leading us to our demise,” he says, warning that blacks are beign set up to be slaughtered. “They have us working, doing their dirty work — as far as that, I mean the far-left’s dirty work.”

“They are playing us, emotionally,” he continued, adding that these subversives were claiming right-wing Americans were racists and Nazis because the anti-American leftists “need all the help that they can get.”

These “people of the far left” are working to recruit the gangs, immigrants from other cultures, homosexuals, blacks, and anyone who does not like Donald Trump.

A big part of the agenda is to have the government disarm right-wing Americans, he said, noting that conservatives have all the guns in the United States.

If forced to choose “a side” in what he said was the looming civil war, he would choose “the smart side.”

“I’m damn sure not about to go over there with Hillary and the Soros,” he said. “C’mon, you gotta use your brain.”

The people on the right are “straight forward,” while leftists are lying to blacks and setting them up “to get slaughtered,” he said.

Sunz also called on viewers to do their own research rather than trust him.

In a post on Facebook, Sunz expressed concerns that some were attempting to link him to Black Lives Matter, an organization in which he says he was never a member.

“I am a part of the black community and the purpose of that 2017 video was to expose the the left and Antifa so the community would know we are being played so we could then plan accordingly,” he continued.

His post concluded: “My allegiance is with God.”

Seeking to exploit blacks in the war against America and freedom is not a new strategy for totalitarians and the Deep State.

Indeed, the mass-murdering regime enslaving the Soviet Union launched a program in the early 1920s to radicalize black Americans, turn them against their nation, and use them as cannon fodder in a war to destroy the United States.

In 1922, FBI and Soviet archives reveal, the Soviet regime approved a $300,000 program for promoting racial agitation and propaganda targeting black Americans.

By 1930, the Communist Internationale (Comintern) passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a “Negro Republic” ruled from Moscow in America’s Southern states.

“Yes, that is correct: the Soviet Comintern, working through American communists, actually crafted plans to create a ‘separate Negro state,’ or a segregated ‘Negro Republic,’ in the South,” explained Grove City College political science Professor Paul Kengor, adding that this rebellion would aim to “lay siege to the United States” with help from communists.

More than a few leading black Communist Party USA operatives blew the whistle on these schemes, too.

In 1963, CPUSA defector Manning Johnson revealed that the communist leadership — which was extremely racist against blacks — was seeking to exploit black Americans to wage war against their white compatriots.

Republished in American Opinion as “Color, Communism, and Common Sense,” Manning’s revelations helped exposed the operation. But communists never quit.

FBI operative Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground, revealed that the terrorist group was literally plotting to exterminate millions of Americans with help from foreign powers, including Communist China.

Barack Obama later launched his political career in the home of Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers.

Americans of all skin tones and political views should heed Sunz’s warning and unite against the demonic monsters who would unleash a civil war in this nation.

Time is running out.

Update: This article originally described Sunz as a former Black Lives Matter activist. However, Sunz rejects any association with the group, saying it merely sought to hijack the efforts of black activists.

7 thoughts on “Far-Left Elites Tricking Blacks Into War on America, Black Activist Warns”

  1. Old George Soros himself stated in 2014 that he would fund the “taking down of the United States” using “black hate groups because they were the easiest to manipulate”. So, this fellow Chaziel Suns is correct in his assessment, and I’d hope more people would read this or listen to him.

  2. This should be published far and wide. Insurrection act should be invoked and all plotters rounded up. The people delivering bricks and hiding incendiary devises to be used at night need to be hunted down and prosecuted. The useful idiots out front with their hands in the air (used as a buffer) should be flanked and cut off from the real rioter and removed to sort out later. Most of the bad guys are in the back and should be surrounded and confronted directly by law enforcement. There will be blood but most will be the anti-american Communists traitors.
    We have to stop this immediately or some American hating country (China) might think this to be the perfect time to attack America.

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