Large Companies Fuel the Burning of America

Large Companies Have Injected Money/Messaging Into the Burning of America

Legitimate grievances have turned into a corporate-funded takeover.

On May 25th, 2020 a boiling point was hit in America. George Floyd died, unarmed, when police detained him by violently kneeling on his throat. With over 40 million Americans unemployed, jobs disappearing, and police enforcing unconstitutional laws across America, the conditions were perfect to set off an uprising. Americans wanted their freedoms back after four long months of house-arrest. Although this seemed like a perfect time for all Americans to unite, it seems as if the organic grievances of all Americans have been hijacked by large companies and tech firms.


While Netflix enjoyed all of the benefits from the collapsing economy, they are now encouraging Nationwide “protests” that have led to violence. Their business is not affected, but yours will be. Why wouldn’t they encourage using fire, bricks, and weapons to destroy their retail competition as they are losing their advantage.


While online podcast provider Spotify has also seen financial growth during the economic crisis, they are also encouraging their audience to go out and “protest” at the tail end. This seems irresponsible given their commitment to COVID-19 messaging, but they have not clarified what they mean by “now is not the time for silence”.


Disney, who also recently launched a streaming service, has chimed in on racial disparities and protesting. This is ironic because Disney has long been under fire for their past use of racial stereotypes in cartoons.


Amazon and Amazon Prime both released statements encouraging “protests” which have devolved into looting their competition. This is also peculiar considering Amazon has been under fire for years for deplorable working conditions, low wages, and firing employees who attempt to organize. While they have enjoyed the Covid-19 bonus of being the only place to buy essential items, they seem to be tone-deaf to their own diverse workforce.


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, weighed in on the violent protests while Apple Stores across the country were being vandalized. This is ironic because Apple does most of their manufacturing in communist China which has one of the most racist, brutal regimes. At one point, they had to hang nets around their Chinese factories so workers trying to jump to their death wouldn’t die. They have also adopted Chinese Communist censorship policies for content creators. Now, they are fomenting racial tensions as they continue to censor all races of people while providing a racist regime tools to subjugate their people.


Microsoft has been letting their employees do the talking during this crisis. One can only assume it is because Bill Gates is busy working on his plans to vaccinate the world. One employee spoke of a societal change, but Microsoft has already changed society prior to this event. They have invented NewsGuard, which tells you what news is accurate in case you lost your common sense. They have also jumped into deciding American elections through ElectionGuard, which they will monitor. They hired Marina Abramovic, the Spirit Cooker, to do an art gallery in 3D while the rest of us were locked in our homes. They have not been subtle about their plans to transform a new, docile American society of all races.


While Jack Dorsey of Twitter has been banning Conservatives, Libertarians, or anyone that simply disagrees with his leftist politics, he is now suggesting a racial change at Twitter. This does not go down racial lines. Twitter bans ideas they don’t like no matter what color or background you are. If you are conservative, you may have to endure mob-like death threats, and this may be OK in their terms of service. However, the president of the United States may be facing a permanent suspension for demanding an end to the riots because this was seen as “threatening”.


YouTube’s management has openly put forward 1 million dollars to “address social injustice”. The specifics are not clear, but if they are following Hollywood’s blueprint, this means bail money for rioters. At the very least, they will continue to rid the world of free speech by hiring more “social justice” oriented employees out of college. Instead of a place for content creators and debate, YouTube has turned into a platform that pushes narratives for Marxist mainstream media. This is apparent by their continuous content purges and exposed “shadow banning.” Your content may look like it is uploaded, but if you are not a drag queen looking to read to impressionable children, you probably will not be showing up in any search engines.


As NIKE and Adidas shoes were flying off shelves during the riots of the last several days, they still had time to lecture America on Twitter. This is especially hysterical because for years, Americans have turned a blind eye to the Asian and Chinese sweat shops that make the shoes and clothes for these titans. Nothing could be more racist than paying Asian children, or adults, to make your apparel for pennies in regime-controlled sweat shops. There is a reason this practice is outlawed in America. It is inherently racist and borderline slavery. No one seems to call them on this fact. Americans just keep looting stores and making purchases because “NIKE is down with the cause.”


Intel CEO, Bob Swan, has pledged another million dollars of their billion dollar market share to “fight racism” while the details are still unclear. IBM, who took part in the Holocaust, is also looking to capitalize on the social unrest by dividing America by “supporting the cause.” Maybe, the hope is that we all will forget about the pending surveillance state if we can all just start rioting a bit.


There are countless other examples of large corporations race-baiting to divide America during these troubling times. It seems to all come in unison from some of the largest companies that have been trampling our human rights for decades. It is happening at a time we need it the least. People have lost family, livelihoods, and their businesses during this Constitutional Crisis. At a time when we need unity, powerful companies and politicians stoke racial division. This may seem like a race issue for some, but we are ALL in danger of losing our freedoms, humanity, and sense or reality.

Below there will be two embedded videos. One will be of politicians on the right and left who look to divide us up with tribalism. The other video will continue to show the countless examples of corporate propaganda. We need to remember these politicians, corporations, and “non-profits” so that we can make sure this never happens again. Our system is the most inclusive and diverse in the world. It is founded on principles and not race. If we would like to keep that, we need to know when we are being bamboozled by a narrative. Riots, violence, and racial tensions only help enrich the same people we claim to oppose. It gives them further power while removing ours.

Do not let them hijack our movement. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that we need to work for everybody. An injustice to one is an injustice to all. We can get to that high ideal without harming our fellow neighbors, following talking points, or selfishly justifying our own frustrations.

God Bless

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3 thoughts on “Large Companies Fuel the Burning of America”

  1. I don’t stand for Fake Outrage.. When Criminals Die because they resist arrest , I have no empathy for them.. It has nothing to do with color of skin unless your skin color is Black, Then that gives you a reason to Lie, Cheat and Steal without remorse or consequences since OBAMA and his Criminal Cartel said so.. I won’t stand for it again, Hands UP Don’t shoot was a LIE and so is this OUTRAGE. Socialist to be Destroyed and removed from this country THIS YEAR. The WAR has begin and we have prepared for it.

  2. The Democraps have been playing black Americans like a piano for 100 years now. Maybe they should start listening to people like Dr. Ben Carson, Col West, Candace Owens & Tim Scott for a change.

  3. These companies want a country like China, totalitarian rulers, total surveillance and a slave worker class to work for them for peanuts. Boycott them. And the communist propaganda mass media, all of it. There are too many good books, and stuff to do outside, work around the house, garden for the coming planed famine. They do not matter, make them irrelevant.

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