Fauci Protocols & Remdesivir, Not COVID, Responsible for Mass Deaths, Dr. Ardis Warns

The reason hundreds of thousands of Americans died in hospitals over the last two years was not because COVID is especially deadly, contrary to the media and government hysteria, warns Dr. Bryan Ardis in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman.

Instead, many of the deaths were caused by organ failure caused by the so-called “Fauci protocols” for COVID treatment imposed on the nation by the federal government and Dr. Anthony Fauci. More specifically, the deaths were caused by the drug Remdesivir, Dr. Ardis says, citing numerous studies–including one funded by Fauci’s office–that showed the drug was causing large numbers of deaths.

Acute kidney and liver failure were both listed in the very study Fauci cited to claim the controversial drug was safe and effective. One study showed more than 50 percent of patients receiving the drug were dying. Once the organs shut down, the patients are put on respirators, all but sealing their fate.

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