FBI Orders Banks to Flag Purchases Tied to Religion or MAGA

The FBI, U.S. Treasury & Joe Biden have even weaponized Americans’ own banks against US, ordering them to search & flag people for things like reading religious texts (eg Bible) or having MAGA in description of payments. I join Alison Steinberg on OAN to sound the alarm.

1 thought on “FBI Orders Banks to Flag Purchases Tied to Religion or MAGA”

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    Recognizing Truth

    No problem.
    The only things I buy other than food, clothing, and shelter, are things to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ going forth.
    – Teaching and preaching materials
    – Bibles sent to persecuted nations and churches
    – Tuition grants for underprivileged students seeking to attend a Bible college
    – Support for Christians wanting to homeschool but who can’t afford it
    – Witnessing tools, pamphlets, Bibles.

    Come and get me.
    I’m ready to start my prison ministry.

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