FBI Touts CCP Threat, Ignores Fifth Column in US – Alex on OAN

While FBI bosses run around the country warning of threats from Communist China and other foreign adversaries, they are ignoring the role of the U.S. government and the Deep State in betraying America to the CCP, explains journalist Alex Newman on In Focus with OAN’s Alison Steinberg.

Among other examples, Newman points to Bill Clinton famously exchanging many of America’s most sensitive military technology to the CCP for illegal campaign contributions in what became known as ChinaGate. Leading Deep State figures helped put the CCP in power and then built it up, he said.

Newman and Steinberg also discuss Senator Josh Hawley’s efforts to rein in the FBI’s unconstitutional spying, as well as Dr. Phil’s sounding the alarm about a looming attempt to lock down society by the government.

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