11/22/2020Russia! Russia! Russia! OUR DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN HACKED! This has been the narrative to delegitimize President-elect Donald Trump for the last four years. However, now almost every mainstream media outlet claims that we just had “the most secure election ever“. If you try to question that, you are now an “election-denier” that does not belong in civil society. Say it with me… “president-elect Joe Biden” OR LOSE YOUR JOB!

CNN’s Jake Tapper

Why the rush? For the last four years, CNN has been telling us how easy it is to “hack our democracy” with RUSSIAN BOTS. They have even forgot about their own attempts to undermine American trust in Dominion voting machines through reporting, which actually seems to have merit.

We didn’t forget: CNN Business posted a report August 11, 2017 titled “We watched hackers break into voting machines”. One of their main targets was…Dominion Voting Systems.

Credit: CNN Business Official Youtube

DEF CON was an organized hacking event to show how vulnerable electronic voting can be so that it could be fixed. Their findings were concerning for all Americans. It showed electronic voting machines, that are still in use, and a team of hackers exploiting their abilities to change outcomes in elections. Thanks to CNN, we got an inside look.

Hackers were SHOCKED. One participant claims, “These are supposed to be the latest machines. They’re still used in elections, and they’re running ancient software. I think, like, if someone wanted to, it would be pretty easy to fake an election.”

The entire experiment was set up by Jake Braun, former security advisor for the Obama administration and CEO of Cambridge Global.

“If you’re a voter in America, we’re likely hacking a machine you vote on…” claims on participant in the video, produced by CNN Business.

Organizer of DEF CON, Jake Braun goes on to claim that you do not need to hack every voting machine in America to have an impact on American politics. You only have to go after a few vulnerable counties to make a large impact. He states, “You only have to flip a couple senate seats to have an impact on US Congress.”

The CNN Business reporter reached out to two large electronic voting manufacturers for comment after the event. Dominion Voting Systems DID NOT respond for comment.

“If we don’t get our act together, this could be one of the biggest threats to American democracy EVER”, claims Braun at the end of the video.

Braun goes further to say, “The 2020 Election will be hacked no matter what we do… even if we’re more successful than I think we can be in securing our elections”.

With Twitter disputing all claims of election meddling, Facebook banning “conspiracies” about election fraud, and force-fed media denying there could be any problems with electronic voting, millions of Americans just want to see the data before they move on. They may never get the chance to fix this broken system ever again, and the legacy media is NOT on their side.

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