11/20/2020- It is here. The time to understand “The Great Reset” is upon us. The narrative war is in full-effect, and we trust our readers to find the truth without putting a slant on it.

While “The Great Reset” has been pushed by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, for years, the timeline has sped up drastically. This has become a fight for sovereignty, humanity, and natural rights versus a technocratic, authoritarian world government. The “Great Reset” reads like a “Communist Manifesto” for all nations to obey. It is a way to “reset” the global economy by leveling nation states, imposing world government, creating equality of outcome, and ushering in a “digital currency”.

There is enough available information to prove how dangerous the idea of the “Great Reset” is; however, the dishonest New York Times insults their readers by saying:

A baseless conspiracy theory about the coronavirus has found new life as cases surge once again.

The conspiracy alleges that a cabal of elites has long planned for the pandemic so that they could use it to impose their global economic control on the masses.

While the NY Times is trying to do damage control, apparently John Kerry did not get the memo:

John Kerry states:

The notion of a reset is more important than ever before.

I personally believe … we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.

So, covering everything from data to infrastructure, but also talking about security and democracy, technology to fair taxation — all of these are topics are on the table with digital change. So ladies and gentlemen, the need for global cooperation and this acceleration of change will both be drivers of the Great Reset. And I see this as an unprecedented opportunity.

It does not stop there…

Justin Trudeau and other “conservative” world leaders have been caught using the slogan of Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset while the media scrambles to king Joe Biden, who ran on “Build Back Better”.

This is not organic. “Build back better” has been the slogan of the World Economic Forum for years.

So what exactly is this Great Reset? Why are all world leaders starting to adopt the same political slogan of “Build Back Better”?

In the book, Klaus Schwab compares Covid-19 to WWII. He states that this should be used as a pretext to reshape the world and implement the WEF agenda. Do not take our word for how tasteless and authoritarian this is. We actually provide you source links to Klaus Schwab openly bragging about his plans on the “Great Reset”.

This is From the OFFFICIAL WEF YouTube Channel

The commercial above was cut, edited, and uploaded by July 14th. 2020.

From the OFFICIAL WEF YouTube Page

This summit was uploaded on the same date. If you click the commercial, or you listen to the ramblings of the people who control this new globalist agenda, you will notice that money cannot buy you support. There are far more dislikes to upvotes on the videos. The public, clearly, is not buying a “transformation of the world economy”. However, that does not matter. The mask mandates, lockdowns, expedited medicine, and transformation of currency are occurring right now.

What can you do?

Spread the information. This is not a political position unless the Democrats you know are now taking an anti-American position. People should know that their lives are about to be changed forever. Support people who tell the truth and unite.

Amazon just banned James Perloff’s new book about Covid-19 and the agenda behind it. He clearly states in our interview that Covid-19 is real, and he does not speculate about its origin. He simply uses the words of Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and he exposes that the oligarchs “never let a good crisis go to waste” motto.

While the New York Times claims that this is a “fringe right-wing” conspiracy theory, no one is advocating abolishing Constitutional government. This is not about anarchy. It is about freedom to govern ourselves. The ideals of freedom should be spread around the world, not trampled on. America is the last hold-out in this agenda, and the man the American media calls “president-elect” has fully adopted this new Davos agenda in his policy statements. This is not anti-government to talk about. It is not fringe. It is a fact, and it is up to you to decide how many people find out about it.
Celeste Solum speaks to Sean Jackson of Liberty Sentinel
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