Former White House Stenographer: Biden is Actually EVIL

President Joe Biden is actually evil and is betraying his country to everyone from the Chinese Communists to the Ukrainians, warned former White House stenographer Mike McCormick in this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

McCormick travelled the world on Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 with multiple presidents and vice presidents, including making multiple trips to Ukraine and China with Joe Biden. What he saw was shocking.

In his work with Donald Trump, though, McCormick found that the president was who he is on TV. “What you see is what you get,” he said, noting that there is much more detail in his books.

In news, Alex goes through:

–Montana Attorney General Knudsen announces lawsuit against Biden administration over overreaching “Waters of the United States” rule to grab control of more land.
–Leftwing loon Keith Olbermann wants blue states to wage economic war on red states because guns.
–The Big Tech overlords at Google were at it again on Thursday, flagging a column written by Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul warning about the threats posed by gain of function research.
–Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is facing a challenge to his potential 2024 presidential run for office as an activist and former congressional candidate Laura Loomer, has penned a “resolution” to try to prevent the popular Governor from running for higher office.
–Just chatted with him briefly this weekend at a meeting in Miami at Trump National in Doral.
–Gateway pundit says Soros endorsed DeSantis, calling it the kiss of death. Watch and you decide:
–Biden trying to deflect attention from Balloon, find excuses for ChiComs.
–The Federalist: “Good news, everyone: Joe Biden’s nominee to head the IRS has promised to make tax audits more racially “equitable”! In other words, get ready for more shakedowns from the government, white people.”

11 thoughts on “Former White House Stenographer: Biden is Actually EVIL”

    1. Unfortunately, because the Congress is like the Roman Senate after the Caesars took over. They’re playacting and many are on the take or compromised and being blackmailed!

  1. Biteme is evil no doubt about it just look at what he stands for .He claims he is Catholic yet he is for abortion same sex marriage transgender what ever that is he opens the border spends money we don’t have gives money to help keep the Ukraine war going .He is no more Catholic than Hitler was he is a down and dirty liar never opens his mouth that a lie doesn’t come out .He has stolen more taxpayer money than any president since LBJ .He is a child molester got by with that screwed around on his wife probably still would if he could remember who his wife is yep I would say he is evil .

  2. Senile little girl fondling Joe Biden and his lying cheating crooked democRATS are destroying this nation and it is being done on purpose. On one person can stop this destruction and that person is Donald J. Trump. He turned this nation around after the feckless clown and POS Obumbler left it in a mess. It will be harder to clean up after pedo Joe and his administration of lying crooks but Trump can do it. No one else will be able to.

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