From Food Security to EMP Killing Most Americans, Threats Loom: Tommy Waller

The threat of a nuclear or even naturally caused EMP killing off 90% of Americans is very real and the frightening thing is that most Americans don’t even realize how big this threat is, and have no idea how to prepare in case one should happen as the government does nothing, warned Center for Security Policy President Tommy Waller in this interview on The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

Having just retired from two decades in the U.S. Marines, Lt. Col. Waller explains what YOU can do to get prepared for the worsening food shortages, and any EMP attack that could occur. He also offers powerful advice for policymakers seeking to protect their communities and constituents from the myriad threats facing the nation.

In news, Alex goes through:

–The New American: Democrats’ persistent calls for far-reaching climate policies are less about genuine concern for the environment and more about political power — and money.

–Just interviewed Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT and Dr. William Happer, Princeton/Trump advisor, at 15th Heartland. Both blew the whistle on climate cult.

–Zoetis is a subsidiary of Pfizer and has quietly injected 100 million animals with the horrific mRNA technology.

—-The Arizona House of Representatives has passed a measure that if enacted would expand that state’s already existing ban on using state and local law-enforcement personnel and resources to execute federal firearms regulations, all of which, it should be noted, are unconstitutional.

–Texas state Representative Bryan Slaton introduced a bill in the Texas state legislature that would cut the property tax bill of all married couples, especially those with children.

–The political battle to defend natural marriage is far from over in the nation’s heartland, as Iowa legislators have introduced two bills that would expunge same-sex marriage from state law and declare a national law redefining marriage “null and void.”

–Thousands of farmers roll into Brussels to protest the war on farmers.

–Amazon stopping construction on its Tower of Babel HQ2 in Virginia amid thousands of layoffs and questions about what to do with office space.

–Gen Flynn, who has been a guest of this show, is suing the feds for malicious prosecution.

–CPAC being framed as fringe, far-right as establishment works to divide conservative movement again.

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