German Cops Arrest Lockdown Critic During Livestream

For the first time since 1945, German police exercised political GESTAPO terror on the the 18th of November against a prominent dissident.

The peaceful and orderly German citizen, Dr. Andreas Noak, a PHD in chemistry and a leading opponent of COVID19 tyranny, was arrested at gunpoint in his own house in a SWAT-style police raid executed by a German police special anti-terrorist force.

Dr. Noak was a target due to his fearless criticism of the Corona “plandemic,” face masking, vaccines, the current lockdown of German society, and more. He is also a staunch critic not only of Chancellor Angela Merkel, but of the entire corrupt German political system.

Remarkable is that the police action was performed without a warrant, but ordered from the highest government prosecutorial office in Berlin. Even more remarkable is that after the action, German prosecutors refuse to comment of give an official explanation of the SWAT raid.

This breach of normal judicial conduct has completely confused the Nüremberg police that executed the SWAT raid. Aside from officially confirming the arrest, which was also livestreamed by Dr. Noak, authorities refuse to comment and have referred to authorities in Berlin.

Hence, the German public so far has no official explanation as to why one of Merkel’s fiercest critic was arrested by terror stormtroopers armed with heavy weapons.

Why did this Deep State action become public? Well, the very moment Andreas Noak was arrested, he was livestreaming to an internet conference, so the warrantless arrest was livestreamed. The world was able to watch in real time the breakdown of German law and order and the return to Gestapo times as a dissident was arrested for his political efforts.

Extremely sinister is that this political and warrantless arrest was done under the new German draconian “Corona Act,” which was passed into German law on the 18th of November 2020. It purports to empower the German government at the expense of the rights and freedoms of the German people.

Critics are convinced that the purpose of Dr. Noak’s arrest was to terrorize political opposition and to bend the German peoples’ will toward Merkel’s Coronavirus agenda.

Dr. Noak was released hours after his arrest. The only physical damage was to the front door of his house, which was forced open by police.

In the interview below, this “citizen journalist” interviews German-born Dr. Henning Witte, a PHD in German law, about this unprecedented (since 1945 at least) silencing of political opposition. The interview was conducted in and is available in German, English and Swedish.

Watch below:

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