SILENCE! “The Great Reset” REMOVED by YouTube

12/1/2020- It appears YouTube has stepped up their censorship campaign today. They have decided that Liberty Sentinel violated their community guidelines as “medical misinformation”, and they have removed one of our weekly, free episodes with Alex Newman.

This morning, YouTube emailed us a letter letting us know that our episode titled “Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset” was removed. If this happens again, we will lose our ability to upload and communicate with you, so we hope you bookmark this page.

YouTube claims that the reason for the ban was not speaking openly about the World Economic Forum. It was not for talking about Klaus Schwab, or his book titled “Covid-19 and The Great Reset”, which we recommend you read. Somehow, it was for violating their community guidelines on “medical disinformation”.

While, we have gone through painstaking lengths to research “The Great Reset”, and drag it into mainstream culture for 20 weeks, this is the first time YouTube has published one of our interviews, let it stay up for weeks, and banned it later with a policy change, citing the World Health Organization.

Do we now live in a technocracy?

The point of our YouTube channel has always been to host guests with many opinions. Some of them have already been banned from the platform altogether. Freedom of expression, not conformity, was always the reason we created the channel. We have hosted over 80 unique discussions on various topics, but when “The Great Reset” started gaining traction as social policy, we made a dedicated show to discuss it for our readers weekly from all angles.

We do not provide any medical advice. We do not take any official positions on the pandemic. We only take liberty, or freedom-based, policy positions, and most of the time, we only show you what important, powerful people are saying. We believe you are smart enough to make the right decision with your life, and there are dedicated channels that discuss the science of the pandemic. We try to understand the very real social impact. We have no incentive to drive a narrative or mistrust, and our readers are smart enough to do their own research. The question that we now face is, “do we live in the age of un-checked medical censorship?”.

If the World Health Organization, who is not a function of the American government, can ban talks about The World Economic Forum under the guise of “medical disinformation”, what gives them the authority to do so?

The answer seems obvious.

Our sovereignty, and Constitution, have been put in the hands of unaccountable world-wide organizations. Those organizations are not accountable to the American people, or any other country. They have taken a clear policy stance against freedom of expression, especially when it comes to debating science. The WHO, which has changed their recommendations numerous times during this pandemic, cannot be incorrect. Your speech must never challenge them, and if a “Great Reset” is needed for “public health” reasons, you must not stand in the way, or challenge it.

While our page is under review, and you can still find all of the other content, this has enormous social consequences. If you can be monitored, tracked, and judged in society for openly commentating on news, then maybe you will be less-likely to do so. At a time when we need more voices and research, there may be people who refuse to speak out knowing the consequences. We encourage our readers to share their experience, and we hope you join us every Tuesday live because we need your support more than ever.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” — Edmund Burke

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