Globalism, Great Reset & The New World Order: A Project From Hell

There is a diabolical plan being carried out by evil people and dark forces to bring humanity under a totalitarian one-world government, explains journalist and Liberty Sentinel President Alex Newman in this lecture at the Liberty Pastors’ Conference in Arkansas. The United Nations is at the center of this plan.

Speaking on globalism, the New World Order, the climate-change hoax, the Great Reset, and what the Bible says about all these critical issues, Newman brings “the receipts” in proving the claims he is making, including videos of leading globalists. The Bible is frequently cited to back up his claims, too.

Despite the horrific nature of the globalist plans being pursued, Newman emphasizes that God is sovereign and His people have absolutely nothing to fear. In fact, God specifically instructs His children NOT to fear, as He is sovereign and His will shall be done.

Other speakers at the pastors’ summit included former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, White House spokesman Sarah Sanders Huckabee, Pastor Paul Blair, former Congressman and CNP Executive Director Bob McEwen, and many more. Similar summits have taken places in numerous other states, reaching thousands of pastors.

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