Hal Shurtleff Interview| Camp Constitution, The Boston Bombing, and the Paper Tiger Revolution

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Hal Shurtleff of Camp Constitution joins us to talk about Liberty! In our discussion, we cover what Camp Constitution is, how to find out your rights, and how you are NOT alone in this fight for independence. We also explore the option that the response to the Boston Bombing in 2013 may have been the first human trial of lockdowns in a large metro area, tactics of Marxism, and how easy it is to stop this revolution by the oligarchs. Join us by following, sharing, and downloading what is important to you as we continue this push for Liberty worldwide! Join us and help fight militarized police, anarchists, and those who wish to subvert our Republic!

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Our most recent upload to YouTube, TuneIn, ITunes, PodBean, and more, includes Hal Shurtleff of Camp Constitution. Hal has been under attack in the media for his beliefs on Christianity and common sense when it comes to approaching the “climate crisis”, communism, and conservative values. His yearly camp has helped numerous children and adults wake up in a crazy world. Dr. Duke Pesta, Alex Newman, Lord Monckton, and more have been involved with his project to restore the Constitution of America.

We asked a taboo question that seems like it is relevant during our interview. “Was the Boston Bombing the first psychological operation for lockdowns in America?” We are not denying that a horrific bombing took place and that lives were destroyed because of it. We did not even site that the Tsarnaev brothers may have been FBI informants. That information is irrelevant. We solely looked at the overwhelming response of the police and military to lockdown the innocent citizens of Boston and for the citizens to accept it.

During the aftermath of the Boston bombing, the entire city of Boston was shut down and under curfew. There are over 650,000 residents within the city limits, and all of them were placed in lockdown during the manhunt for TWO men. This lasted for 5 days. During that time, the Constitutional rights of every American were violated as they were treated as suspects. Police entered homes without warrants violating 4th Amendment rights. The city had military-style checkpoints. “Weapons of war” such as tanks, armored vehicles, and SWAT teams were brought in to enforce the curfew and search.

At the end of the madness, one of the Tsarnaev brothers was dead, and the other was captured in a boat, Then, we never heard much after that. A nice slogan “Boston Strong” was put everywhere in the news to celebrate the militarized police force that was brought to conduct the manhunt. “Essential workers” like police with riffles, SWAT teams that broke down doors, and politicians were greeted to “USA” chants, as if Boston had just been liberated from an occupying army. In recent memory, this event seems like it was the most tyrannical suspension of human rights in American history until now. It is shocking that no news outlet has made that connection. Over 650,000 United States Citizens were placed under “house arrest” and subject to searches while looking for TWO men. Looking back on the response, we suspended the needs, rights, and liberty of 650,000 people for days to capture two men. We allowed military boots on our soil to unlawfully search homes that were not under suspicion without warrant.

The narrative is all that mattered back then. The police “caught the bad guys”. The city became “Boston strong” for enduring the police occupation, and no constitutional lawyer spoke up for the people on house arrest. It was unpatriotic to do so, claimed the media. Now, looking back at it, we may have chose our fate by allowing such tyranny to happen that awful day in Boston in 2013.

The people of Boston are tough. They are smart, and they are resilient. They did not need a media slogan to let them know that. They could have caught two teenage terrorists on their own. They did not need to have all of their basic rights violated. Thankfully, the “manhunt” only lasted 5 days, and the government pulled back. We are now going on seven months of increasing tyranny today during the COVID response, and we hope you join us for future reports as we continue to make allies and friends.

God Bless you. Got Bless America. We hope you share these articles and the podcast with everyone that you know.

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