Opinion-“The Great Reset” and Digital Slavery Finally Out in the Open

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Sean Jackson 8/18/2020

Today was a major victory for all rational, ethical humans worldwide. It is a classic good vs evil narrative, but now we can debate it openly. It was also a major victory for tech insiders like me, who can now warn about the coming digital shackles that are being placed on you and your children. I want to say from the outset, I am pro-technology. I am not a troglodyte. Our radio show, website, and communication help wake up millions of people yearly; however, for years, I have been waiting on a single press-release that would justify not getting sued for breaking my silence, and this morning there were three.

While waking up, I noticed there was a piece in The US Sun titled “Bio Upgradeable” that explained how elites have been using blood transfusions, nanotechnology, and “biohacking” to try to find eternal life by “merging” with machines. For most of us, this is not groundbreaking news because we know that the super-rich will try anything for eternal life. However, what was important about the news article is that it included their new sales tactic, “Biohackers”.

“Biohackers” by Netflix is a “Black Mirror” style new drama to drag this fringe idea of transhumanism mainstream beyond just the elites. It will normalize Peter Thiel’s company Ambrosia that uses teenage blood transfusions. It will celebrate Elon Musk’s Neuralink that will implant brainchips to “evolve humans”. It will sell Jowan Osterlund’s Biohax to a new generation of children as an acceptable way to “upgrade” their bodies like they do their cell phones.

If you have worked in the technology industry, higher than retail, you know there is a massive push for 5G as we speak. A lot of independent websites will only focus on the negative health implications and lack of testing. During my time in the industry, that was never spoken about. There was no sterilization plan. There was no weaponized frequency talk. In fact, it never came up, even if there is merit to that argument. However, there was a push to get more and more items on the “network”, ie. invasive microchips. The current 3G/4G system cannot handle the bandwidth of a civilization that have microchips in their clothing and bodies. 5G was seen as a step in that direction.

If 5G could be quickly and efficiently installed, it would open up markets to sell sim cards and microchips in shoes, clothing, roads, and humans. A joke I used to tell my wife was, “If we go into the shoe store and there are shoes with SIM cards and shoes without them, we are fine. If the only option is a shoe with a sim card, we need to leave town now.” Eventually, I was mutually terminated for not being “pro-revolution” enough despite my documented accomplishments. No one would interview me about my experience. No one was able to print my warnings from two years ago. Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut refused to take a meeting with me. There was a 5G blackout, and no one was willing to touch it.

Now, two years later, we are here. Everything I have warned journalists about has come true, and it is being printed. The first “cyborg” was released today in The Sun. In this piece, we have a man who is desperate for a cure to his neurone disease. It is an appeal to emotion because everyone would love to cure this man of his suffering. This is exactly how Regina Dugan, ex-Darpa employee, tried to sell the idea of Facebook’s Building 7 Project to read your mind via Facebook years ago. This is a Trojan Horse. If they can make you look past the ethics of changing someones genetic makeup, using cybernetics, and merging a human with a computer now, maybe in 10 years, consumers will accept it for augmented reality or for leisure.

To show you how quickly this is happening and what the intended purpose is, all you have to do is look at the rush to patents right now. Protocol finally published their piece today laying out the new goals for technology. Apple wants to make everything connected to the internet of things, or IoT. They are aiming to continue working microchips closer to your body and in your home. They would like to make connected clothes, homes, and rugs which will still have all the safety and security concerns of your basic telephone, but they aim to make it “trendy”. Imagine having to give your pants a software update. Even worse, imagine having a frequency that close to your pants in the first place. Verily and Pampers are working on the same thing for babies. There is a diaper “monitor” that will let parents know when a diaper is wet, and it even has a patented camera. I’m not sure what the camera will be used for, but it does not seem secure, healthy, or appropriate.

There are thousands of similar patents going in daily in preparation for the launch of a network that can handle billions of connected devices. Do not forget how important the network is. If there is a driverless car, and you are missing one inch of 5G frequency, you are either going to crash or have no more ability to travel. There will essentially have to be a full blanket of frequency to make these ideas work, and companies are rushing to patent their products as we speak. This is a clear signal that a network that can handle things like micro-chipping every human is about to roll out. Without the network, these items will never come to life, or they will have limited use.

The questions I always had when I was working in the field was, “How can a consumer pay a cell phone bill when all of their clothes, appliances, and person are connected to the internet?”. During the COVID depression, we are seeing average working people not even be able to keep their lights on. This raises the questions of if this technology will be mandatory, and what we will have to give away to use it. We already know that Facebook wasn’t free. They sold our pictures, identity, and data so that they could make money from firms that were tracking us, including governments. They did this with their “terms and conditions” that we casually “accept” and don’t read. This was the birth of “surveillance capitalism”.

The full book I wish to put out cannot yet be published for legal reasons, but this is how I ended up in journalism. I do not want my child, or family, to live in a technocracy where they get a Nerualink brain microchip whether it is by coercion or force. We already have a decision to make this year with an RNA vaccine that may be attached to a Bill Gate’s “digital ID” tattoo with cryptocurrency, and most Americans do not even believe that could become mandatory. If you want more information about that, please read these:



There will be a lot of “fact checking”, but you can continue to find the primary source documents on the plan to use a “quantum dot tattoo” that will be mandatory to prove you have been “vaccinated” from COVID-19. Maybe, none of this ever happens with an informed public. Technology has some beautiful applications; however, the eugenicists and power-hungry elites who control the future of humanity can also use the network for their own gain with the government as their enforcement wing.

Be careful. Get involved. Understand your rights, and speak to your local government once you are educated on the subject. None of these tyrannical products or projects work without the network being laid quickly. You cannot track billions of people with the bandwidth of 4G. You cannot implement your “Great Reset” or CCP-style social credit score model without tracking infrastructure. This is why the network matters. This is why there has been a large push from all sides for more. better, faster bandwidth immediately. There may be a jobs, ideological, and technological war with China that requires us to rush this 5G network through; but, at what cost are we willing to pay for ourselves and children? And when do we get to push back against bad ideas that will steal our liberties, freedoms, and future?

Thank you for following this publication, and we can now deliver more to you on this subject in the future. The book will come out in several months if things do not continue accelerating. If they do, we all have quick decisions to make.

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  1. This is why I drew the line at the “smart” phone. I will not have one period end of story. I will not take any tech implant. I’m done with these control freaks.

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