Her Daughter Was Harmed By Gender Ideologues, Now She is at War

Gender ideology is running rampant in America, forcefully digging its roots into education. Unfortunately for innocent children, its breeding ground is in the public school system, but some parents are beginning to stand up and push back.

Erin Lee, the mother of a child who was targeted and harmed by the LGBTQ agenda at school, has dedicated her time to “educate others, set precedent, help other parents of rapid-onset gender dysphoria children, and shift our culture away from dangerous gender ideology being perpetuated by adults onto our kids.”

In this episode of The Sentinel Report, Erin, as well as Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel CEO, discuss a new documentary called “Art Club,” telling Erin’s story about her daughter, who was negatively influenced by gender confusion ideology.

Alex and Erin also share how we can push back against this nonsense and win.

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