Horror in South Africa May be Sneak Preview of America’s Future

South Africa’s descent into chaos, violence, and tyranny offers a sneak preview of what may be coming to America and the rest of the Western world if current trends continue, explained Liberty Sentinel Media CEO Alex Newman and South African historian Dr. Harry Booyens. Speaking during the February 26 episode of the national Connecting the Dots radio show with Dan Happel, the two analysts sounded the alarm. Among other concerns, they warned that the same anti-God, anti-freedom forces that brought South Africa to the brink of collapse are working to unleash the same evil in America.

Newman, who lived in South Africa and has written extensively on the nation’s takeover by communists and globalists, argued that South Africa essentially represents a microcosm of what the Deep State is hoping to bring about at a global scale. With top United Nations leaders describing the UN as the “Parliament of Humanity,” Americans’ ability to govern themselves and control their own destiny is in great danger.

Newman first highlighted the threat of genocide against the Afrikaner minority in South Africa in a two-part cover story for The New American magazine in 2012. The first article, headlined Genocide and Communism Threaten South Africa, quoted Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch sounding the alarm, as well as then-President Jacob Zuma’s genocidal rhetoric. The second article, headlined South African Communists’ Friends in High Places, exposed the links between the nation’s ruling communists and the broader globalist establishment.

Since then, the situation in South Africa has deteriorated further, as Newman has documented in dozens of articles in The New American and WorldNetDaily. Newman has also discussed the issue on dozens of radio interviews, including a full hour on the nationally syndicated radio show Savage Nation with Michael Savage, one of the top U.S. shows by audience size.

Dr. Booyens, a prestigious aerospace and defense scientist who emigrated from his homeland to Canada, wrote the defining historical work on South Africa’s history, called AmaBhulu – The Birth and Death of the Second America. Newman reviewed his book in The New American under the headline What Americans Must Learn From South Africa’s Tragedy. In this interview, Dr. Booyens explains that if Americans want to see their future, they should get a plane ticket and head to South Africa.

Listen to the interview on Connecting the Dots below (Newman comes on about 25 minutes into the program):

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  1. I cannot fault this truth, I really feel the UN is a threat to the world, besides that so are the Doctorates. It is as if the world has gone mad, In South Africa we are not sure if we will see tomorrow. America I am afraid may end up in a glorious mess as Europe will eventually become so corrupt led by the UN that they with the help of the docrates will turn America into a nation of lunatics.

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