House Speaker Johnson Considering Taking Money from the IRS to Fund Israel: Matt Gaetz

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who recently lifted the rock from atop the GOP uniparty nest of roaches, exposing them to the sunlight of accountability by almost single-handedly ousting Kevin McCarthy from the House Speakership, was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in Navarre, Florida, on Monday, October 30.

While offering his constituents a rundown of what took place behind closed doors during the GOP struggle to select a new speaker, Gaetz announced that Kevin McCarthy opposed the proposition to select Congressman Mike Johnson to serve as the new speaker. According to Gaetz, this objection was the end of a long line of private protests from McCarthy, saying that the former speaker also rejected the nominations of Congressmen Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise during internal GOP meetings, despite McCarthy’s public support for them both.

Gaetz then exposed Kevin McCarthy further, turning to deals made with Biden, saying, “Joe Biden stepped forward, and he already had an agreement from Kevin McCarthy that they were going to force one vote on Israel, the border, and Ukraine. All at once,” Gaetz said in astonishment.

“Regardless of how you view those things,” the young congressman continued, “the border, and Israel, and Ukraine are very different challenges, and each one of them deserves a separate vote.”

Gaetz then relayed a private conversation he had that morning with the newly elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, on how Republicans plan to support Israel in a post-McCarthy House. “I talked with the speaker today,” said Gaetz, “and he had a pretty good idea about where to find the $14 billion to send to Israel, and the best place that he could find it in the federal government was at the IRS,” Gaetz concluded as the crowd cheered.  

Then, turning his guns to House and Senate Democrats, Gaetz challenged them, asking, “Is it more important for you to maintain the tyranny at the IRS than to fight the tyranny of Hamas in Gaza?”

All eyes are now on Speaker Mike Johnson and the slim Republican majority in Congress. Will they lead from principle, constitutional integrity, and an America-first policy? Or will they, in the luxury of power, continue down the path of reckless spending and constitutional infidelity? This remains to be seen, but conservative constitutionalists have a real opportunity to educate their fellow Americans about what Congress can and cannot do under Article I, Section VIII of the U.S. Constitution. Only when we have an educated and equipped citizenry can we expect to have accountability and change.

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  1. I think Matt Gaetz is the cockroach who outsted McCarthy without having a replacement named. That was his screw-up and he made the Republicans look like a party that can’t govern. Congratulations, Matt, I’ll be donating to your opponent even if he/she is a Democrat.

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