Israel In Trouble: A Time for Choosing

As another war shakes the pillars of the planet, it spreads dread like a plague to smite ruin upon humanity once again. With spiritual eyes, we can see evil calling on its acolytes to obliterate every ordinance of God. Ruin testifies to a new onslaught, dragging the world to the very brink of destruction to usher in the slavery of humanity. Death has begun its march, staining bright skies anew.

On this day, the brave will be made manifest as cowardice sinks the pompous cries from those who professed fearlessness in the face of the coming desolation. Peace and safety will be the cry to initiate a time unlike any other seen on earth.

Barely a century ago, Nazi death camps were strewn across Europe. Like bastions of evil, these camps were erected as symbols of a great malevolence and the strongholds of a cruel death cult determined to put an end to the chosen people. Church members were encouraged to sing ever louder to drown out screams, while the deafening whistles of trains carrying human cargo were not enough to stir the sympathy required to ultimately undo the horrors of every traveling hearse delivering whole families to the nightmare-flooded barracks where so many would meet their demise. 

The world stood by as a silent witness to the extermination of the innocent. Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Majdanek, and Treblinka gratefully accepted the sacrificial lambs delivered from the farthest reaches of the “enlightened” West. The visage of civilized society is now disrobed to expose true hypocrisy in the face of a devouring force.

Masses clung to the illusion of their cultured existence and remained silent as the tracks rattled with eerie regularity across the fields and through the plains of Europe. Every semblance of enlightenment now demolished by fear.

After the atrocities wrought by Hitler and his ilk, the world stood in unison as they declared “never again.” Vowing to stand as protectors of Israel as the promise of God came to fruition when Israel was finally recognized as a sovereign state.  From the ashes of a bloody war, the chosen people had their rightful inheritance restored.

Now we see a new threat rising. The evil that lay dormant for decades approaches Zion once more. Cheers heard around the world, flushed with hatred, call for the obliteration of Israel and her people. The spirit carrying this bloodlust was thought to be vanquished as the Red Army entered the camps to lift the survivors out of impending doom. Like a skilled strategist, this threat was biding its time, rehearsing for another wave of unspeakable horrors as it crafted an alternative vehicle to deliver the fatal blow to Jerusalem and uproot the Jewish people from their rightful estate.

The promise to stand as the defenders of Israel became nothing more than old and gray memories, mental antiquities buried in dust and shrouded by the dim view of history that can be heard clearly in the calls to eliminate the people of God once more. Forgotten are the days that held a sincere reflection of every atrocity dreamt up in the blackened minds of Hitler and the Nazis. Evil conjured up new fertile ground within a generation far removed from the ashes, which became testimony to the final solution.

From legacy media to university grounds, we hear the roars of a generation oblivious to the sinister forces persuading them to revive a deep and forceful hatred. The victims of Islamic jihad are scorned as aggressors, and the aggressors are praised as liberators in the trading of light for darkness and darkness for light.  Reason is abandoned with every passing hour, and the lessons of history are buried again.

Now time has arrived for the friends of Israel to stand between Jerusalem and a new terrifying storm, conjured by Hell itself. Will history remember our times for bravery and justice, or will we drown out the cries with songs sung aloud as the masks are ripped from our faces like the predecessors past?

4 thoughts on “Israel In Trouble: A Time for Choosing”

  1. Thank you for the compliment. I have to give credit to the Lord though. Before I start writing, I ask Him to guide my pen and use my articles as He sees fit. All glory to God. We must pray for Israel as well. I never thought I would witness the installment of the 4th Reich at such a pace. The time for being fearfull is over. It’s our turn to stand strong now. God bless you brother.

  2. Too many whistleblowers in the IDF have went on record that they were given stand down orders for seven hours while Hamas terrorized and killed innocent civilians as well as attacking unaware army outposts. The pagan worshiping concert was relocated to the unsecured border location two days before the attack from a much farther away safe area for unexplained reasons. No, as a Jesus follower I refuse to be gaslight by the media who are controlled by the Kazarian synagogue of Satan zionist crap. Hamas was created by the Mossad who’s motto is ‘With deception we wage war’ , and the JFK killers at CIA. No the truth is the they need to get us in WW3 to cover up the covid crimes and the fact the west is bereft of money and morals so I’ll pass on the clapping seal praise for this dumb article!

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