How The Measles Killed The Constitution

Your body, your choice; no longer. That old phrase is only about killing unborn children now.

On Feb 25th, 2020, medical illiterates, aka politicians, passed a bill in the “Constitution state,” of all places, that forced vaccinations on its population; however, it still allows vaccine damaged children to remain exempt from future experimental drugs.

Yes, there are vaccine damaged children. Yes, it is happening in Virginia, New Jersey, and your state right now.

Vaccine damage and horrific ingredients within these experimental drugs are rarely reported on, and because of journalistic ignorance, or fear of losing their funding, your politicians are not getting correct information through the news like the rest of us.

For a thought experiment, look up your local or federal officials, and see how many of them have a background in medical science, chemistry, or health in general. Politicians are amazing fundraisers, socialites, and spend a majority of their time campaigning for re-election, but they are not the people you want forcing medical decisions on you or your children. They are solely elected to maintain the freedoms of the weakest among us in a Republic, not take liberty away.

How can a state force experimental drugs on you? We have a Constitution after all, and this is a contract with the government. The contract says, you have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, but not at the cost of another citizen, or their property. That is what separates our Constitutional Republic from a Democracy.

It doesn’t matter what a few charlatans in a room say about forcibly medicating you and your kids, even if they outnumber the opposition. Your right as an individual to choose what goes into your body STILL trumps the oligarchs hell bent on the “utopia” of a Brave New World where you are accepting of everything the government tells you to do, or you are the infection on humanity that should be disposed of. It STILL protects you from the fear mongering about benign childhood illnesses, like the measles until sanity prevails again.

So, how does this happen? How can a state, or federal, government jam needles inside your children without your consent at gunpoint or the threat of CPS taking them?

A Brief Synopsis: November 14, 1986, Ronald Reagan, screen actor and president was approached by leaders of pharmaceutical companies demanding protection, or else they would go bankrupt, damaging his economy. Their claim was; If the federal government did NOT release them from all damages and lawsuits, they would buckle because of all the damage their experimental products were doing, so they would not make anymore vaccines to prevent terrifying, but extinct, diseases like the Black Death, and it wouldn’t damage Reagan’s economy.

He gave in, made all vaccine manufacturers exempt from liability, but he made them all kick up money to the Federal government who would now handle the vaccine damage payouts more frugally. This was called the National Vaccine Injury Court, or NVIC. They have paid out billions of dollars since its creation in the mid 1980’s, but they maintain vaccines are not at fault. They just say “safe and effective” until people stop asking questions. Once again, they have paid out BILLIONS while claiming vaccines are “safe and effective” without explaining what “safe and effective” means. Most Americans do not even know this court exists because, well, no one dares speak its name.

Even further back in 1905, the Massachusetts Supreme Court mandated vaccines at the state level during the infancy of the eugenics movement in America. That ruling was called 197 U.S. 11 and actually includes the phrase “police state.” It argued that states had a duty to protect public health and safety through law enforcement. This, of course, was later used to sterilize the mentally insane, carryout radiation experiments under the guise of “clinical trials,” and create a more “desirable population” in what we now know as the American eugenics movement. This ruling is still cited today when states pass these mandatory vaccination bills.

We will skip the century of human experimentation on the American population without consequences to the government. Bill Clinton did have to apologize for it as a sitting president October 5th, 1995, but most people already knew the open secret of the eugenics program. We will skip the times that chemicals and ingredients like pigs blood, mercury derivatives, aborted fetal cells, and damaging adjuvants have found their way into vaccines.

This is not meant to persuade you whether or not to take vaccines. In 10 years, it will be about forcing another product inside your body “for the betterment of society.” No one will have to persuade you. There will be no debate. The power to enforce it will come from the largest armory the world has ever seen.

There are a few very simple questions at hand. Does any government of free people have the right to forcibly inject children or adults or should they have to persuade you openly and honestly? Do we have the right as medical professionals or ordinary citizens to question the ingredient list or method to either protect ourselves, or improve the method. Will the government stop at vaccinations and other medications, or will they move on to microchips and other products as those become more available over the next several years?

If the government is making the argument, the needs of the society and economy outweigh your voice, than how long will it be before that is applied to everything in your life? This is totalitarianism with a technocratic spin.

The answer to all of these questions is very simple; but it is not fun, nor easy. This will continue for as long as you remain silent and don’t get involved. Not a single mainstream newspaper in Connecticut ran a rebuttal to this HB 5044 bill that now mandates vaccines with the threat of force. They did not cover the thousands of parents who skipped work with their children and 20 hours of testimony begging to keep their freedoms. That is because they are mouthpieces for larger companies, or hedge funds, whose portfolios greatly benefits from medical stocks. They have a vested interest in selling their product.

Our product is freedom, discussion, and education. If you are not armed with the information to fight back, expect to lose more of your freedoms. Share our page. Get people involved in the discussion, and be vigilant. Your freedom, health, and life is at stake.

God Bless

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