Get Kids Out of Government School, AZ Education Chief Warns

PHOENIX — Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, who oversaw the state Department of Education, sounded the alarm about what is happening in government schools across America in an interview with Alex Newman.

From dumbing down children and promoting globalism to extreme obscenity and sexualization, she warned that public schools are out of control. It is a battle for the hearts and souls of children.

The best thing parents can do at this point is remove their children from public school in favor of homeschooling or private schools, the former top education official for Arizona explained.

Douglas ran to repeal Common Core, but the powers that be did everything possible to sabotage her efforts. Douglas also made clear that Common Core was not the only problem. “It’s so far beyond Common Core,” she said, warning about a “global agenda” infecting the schools.

“This is part of a 100 year or 150 year battle for the souls of our children,” continued Douglas, who at the time was serving as a leader in U.S. Parents Involved in Education with Newman and others. “John Dewey was very clear, his intent was to change our society and make sure our children were un- or under-educated.”

Reading is so important because it allows children to learn on their own, without any help or guidance from government. “Frankly, if kids can read and do those basic things, they don’t ever need a teacher again,” Douglas said, celebrating phonics as the correct way to teach it. “They can learn anything they want to for the rest of their lives.”

Despite opposition from the education establishment, she was able to make some progress, such as restoring phonics and cursive while removing obscene literature. But much of the horrible content was preserved, Douglas said, adding that students are taught not even to question evolution or consider both sides of the argument.

The sexualization of children is now one of the most important battles in the state’s government schools, she told Newman, who was reporting for The New American after speaking to a crowd of about 150 people in Phoenix about the danger of government schools.

Douglas also urged parents to get a copy of The New American magazine’s Special Report on “Rescuing Our Children.”

“What took many years to learn, and many many volumes of books, they can get the Reader’s Digest version and understand what we are facing, and how far it goes back,” she said, calling for parents to homeschool or use a private school.

“Understand the battle we’re fighting,” she said. “I wish I had had the courage to homeschool my daughter, but I was chicken at the time.”

This is truly “the battle of our lifetime,” Douglas added.

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  1. I agree, but only private school that does not accept vouchers. Voucher private schools are being sucked into the system. The school wants the money and the government wants your kids and vouchers are the funding scheme to get the private schools on board. The only safe choice, the only REAL choice is choice YOU pay for directly. If you are afraid to homeschool just sign your kids up with Freedom Project Academy. It is teacher led, on-line, classical education and it is great. It is also very affordable. Registration usually kicks off in March. They also require parental involvement which is really one of the best parts of homeschool. Only WE can save our children at this point.

    1. Where is the evidence that vouchers result in government control or even interference with the private school curriculum? I’ve not yet seen it. Does such evidence exist?

      1. Avatar
        Karen Bracken

        Do your homework. Vouchers are funded with public money therefore they generally come with strings. They may be required to take the state assessments. In that case in order to pass the state assessments they will need to teach the state standards. Most private schools cannot afford a dual system so they end up teaching the state standards and assessments to all the students in order to keep the voucher money coming. So now we have private and Charters teaching to the state standards and assessments. That is no choice. That is choice of location only. Vouchers are the only way they can get private schools into the same system and data pipeline. Why don’t they give parents a tax credit for tuition??? BECAUSE THEY CANNOT CONTROL WHAT IS TAUGHT. The only REAL choice is the choice YOU pay for and don’t give me the song and dance about paying taxes. Once that money leaves your pocket it is no longer your money. They do not want parents to have a choice. They want to control the minds, hearts and souls of ALL children no matter where they go to school and these schemes are how they accomplish just that.

        1. “generally come with strings” is, unfortunately, not evidence. Until someone provides actual evidence that vouchers resulted in unacceptable government control, I remain unconvinced.

          1. Avatar
            Karen Bracken

            The EVIDENCE is out there if interested in doing your own homework. Each state has different requirements but the majority require state assessment…..well you cannot test what kids do not learn so that requires the private school to teach to the state standards so the kids do well in the state assessment. So in the end, just like charter schools, the private school is teaching the same crap they teach in the public school. You see that is the goal. All students in the same system learning the same thing and these students will now be in the data pipeline. It is all a false choice. I and many others have researched this for decades.

  2. Time to SUE Elected Officials
    and appointed Officials
    for Moral Turpitude,
    to Remove them from Office.

    Moral Turpitude
    is in the Law Books,

    Moral Turpitude
    is already Law.


  3. Homeschooling is the only other option to public school for those who can’t afford $2400+ per child for private schools like Freedom Project Academy.

  4. Keep up the great work Alex and Diana Douglas. Yes, this is a global problem we all must fight. People and parents need to be enlightened about the takeover of education by the far left UN Agenda and everything that runs with that – sexualisation of children, promotion of queer theory, pushing hoaxes like global warming, sustainable development, and of course dumbing down children so they cannot think critically, let alone, read, write and grasp basic concepts of literacy. In Australia, I think things are actually much worse than in the US. Fortunately, we have many like Dr Kevin Donnelly, who has written & lectured extensively on this subject. He would be an excellent person for you to interview to tie the international pieces together, so that people can see this for what it is, a global agenda to brainwash & destroy our children. See: or if you go to Kevin Donnelly’s main site at…lots of information on that site that may be of use. We all need to help get this message out. All the best. Garth

    1. Thank you so much Garth! Your support means so much to us. And you’re absolutely right–the UN agenda is key to understanding this! If you have contact with Kevin please put in a word for us. Thank you!

  5. Thank you! Thank you! This is what we need, because the public schols are so corrupt that it’s not teaching kids anything. It’s just self esteem movement, Marxist propaganda, dehumanization of white men, victim hood mentality, feminist propaganda, social justice propaganda, sexualization in kindergarten, drag queen story hour where kids are exposed to lewd acts and more. All of this needs to stop!

  6. Hillsdale College has opened several free charter schools. These schools are part of the Barney Charter school initiative. Great option for people who are horrified by the indoctrination going on in public schools.

    1. Avatar
      Karen Bracken

      ALL Charter Schools are free. They ARE public schools funded with state and federal money. So much for Hillsdale never taking government money. I know about the Barney Schools and because they are a Charter school and take public money they are required to teach the same failed standards as the state in which they reside and the same awful assessments. The only advantage I see to the Barney school is you will probably to get all the anti-American crap taught in the traditional public school but at the end of the day these schools are not the answer to what is wrong with education.

  7. Your statement regarding the Hillsdale-Barney charter schools is false.

    The Hillsdale-Barney (BCSI) charter schools do NOT teach to state testing.
    That is one of the reasons for their success.
    BCSI students do well on state testing, which is attributed to their superior reading comprehension and math skills. BCSI students generally are 2-3 grades ahead of regular public school students in same grades.

    The proven-effective, well-structured BCSI classical liberal arts k-12 curriculum is an excellent MODEL for k-12 public education.
    It readily can be replicated in regular public schools.

    The Hillsdale BCSI model is s great gift to public education.

    There is no hypocrisy whatsoever in Hillsdale having created a system of excellent k-12 public charter schools.

    The President of Hillsdale College, Dr Larry Arnn, was asked in an interview why Hillsdale created public charter schools when Hillsdale College takes no government funding.
    Dr Arnn replied, “American public education is hallowed, because the Founders believed it was essential…”
    for the perpetuation of a self-governing populace in a free Constitutional republic.

    [Google BCSI tele-townhall 2019 to listen to the interview.]

    U.S. public k-12 education can be and must be restored.
    Hillsdale-BCSI has provided the effective model.

    Public schools are locally controlled.
    Know exactly what your kids are being taught.
    Change elected county school boards, They work for you.
    Change the curriculum. Demand it.

  8. Just like the Native American government schools of the past, our modern government schools are designed to eliminate our culture.

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