How to Persuade Youth to Patriotism and Christ

America’s youth are turning to all the wrong things to find meaning, purpose, and identity. The older generation needs to mentor and share the truth about American exceptionalism and, more importantly, the gospel with children and young adults, argues author and radio host Bradlee Dean. 

Dean, the author of the book “Soldier of the Cross: I Will Fear No Evil,” shares practical ways that everyday citizens can reach America’s youth. 

Additionally, Alex Newman, host of The Sentinel Report, covers in the news a Finnish politician’s acquittal over her biblical perceptions on marriage, a colossal anti-socialism march in Spain, and a riveting study from the University of Florida suggesting a correlation between mercury exposure and homosexuality in birds.

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  1. You can’t serve two masters. If you are in Christ you know the US is destined to fail because we are not mentioned in prophecy. We are there. No patriotism is an odd combo since people in Christ are only passing through this world we are not part of it.

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