Hungary Will Resist Globalist Assault on Nation & Christianity: Top Official

Hungary is determined to resist the globalist assault on the nation-state and the Hungarian people’s Christian heritage, Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations Zoltán Kovács tells journalist Alex Newman in this exclusive interview at the Prime Minister’s office in Budapest.

Describing the reasons why globalists at the European Union in Brussels and beyond are seeking to flood Hungary with illegal immigrants from Islamic nations, Kovács said his nation has already suffered under centuries of Islamic and Communist oppression and would not submit again.

Centralized control was already tried in Europe under communism, and it failed miserably, Kovács said in this 2018 interview, touting great relations with the United States under Donald Trump while vowing that Hungary would continue defending its people and Christian civilization no matter what.

Read Alex’s in-depth article about this at The New American magazine here: Hungary Resists EU Assault on Sovereignty, Christian Civilization

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