“International Court of Criminals” (ICC) Threatens Humanity, Warns Expert

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a dangerous fraud that recognizes none of the protections for rights and due process that Western peoples fought to secure over many centuries, and is in fact a criminal operation, warns investigative journalist and author of books on the UN William Jasper in this interview with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman. Jasper, who also serves as senior editor of TNA, was in Rome covering the international meeting that created the ICC via the Rome Statute. In short, he saw the “sausage” being made, and it was not pretty. Jasper also interviewed top legal minds in the late 1990s and early 2000s as the process was taking place, and has unique insights—and warnings—about the danger of what he calls the “International Court of Criminals.”

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1 thought on ““International Court of Criminals” (ICC) Threatens Humanity, Warns Expert”

  1. Jacques Smith
    Jacques Smith

    “Court of Criminals” is still a bit too charitable, my friend. They are a scourge upon everything that’s pure and holy. Soon, the members of this corrupt institution will stand before the same God whose people they are railing against. May the Lord bring swift justice upon the unjust occupying this institution that’s clearly doing the bidding of Satan and his ilk.

    Thank you for shining a light where much light is needed. Excellent work. As always, brother.

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