Former FBI Acting Director Says Agents Might Flee U.S. If Trump Wins

In this episode of Alex Newman’s The Sentinel Report, Newman is back in the saddle, breaking down huge news, including an update on the health front with the World Health Organization passing amendments to the International Health Regulations just in time for the bird flu “pandemic” to take place before the 2024 election.

Also, Newman speaks with three interesting guests. First, Steve Friend, an ex-FBI employee turned whistleblower, joins the show to share how the agency is celebrating pride month, plus Andrew McCabe reveals that some FBI personnel might flee the U.S. if Trump wins. Next up, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an author and journalist, comes on to discuss her recent trip to the Organization for Security and Co-operation Conference in Vienna. And finally, Bruce Brill, the author of Deceit of an Ally, hops on the show to break down his knowledge of the Yom Kippur War.

13 thoughts on “Former FBI Acting Director Says Agents Might Flee U.S. If Trump Wins”

  1. Many agents need to be held accountable for their crimes against Americans. The FBI has done the bidding of one political movement / agenda, and that’s not their job. And the agents who went along with it are complicit in the crimes of those treasonous globalists in government. Acting like gestapo scum without honor is not okay. They need to pay a price for their crimes and violation of oaths.

  2. They should after the treason the committed. TREASON has real consequences that usually involve a firing squad.

  3. Fleeing jurisdiction is what unconvicted felons do in order to remain unconvicted. This shows that FBI agents who are supposed to uphold the law are instead breaking the law, and should be charged just like the criminals they’re supposed to catch.

  4. Wow. Very dramatic. I wonder (eye roll) why certain agents would be concerned with DJT and his DOJ. What could they possibly fear? Perhaps indictments for repeatedly violating the US Constitution and hundreds of other laws?

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