International Meeting of Conservatives in Paris Commits to Defend the West

The Worldwide Freedom Initiative was held this month in Paris, France. 

An endeavor to highlight new, conservative, and energetic leadership internationally, the Worldwide Freedom Initiative happened this November in Paris, France. A brilliant idea by Randy Yaloz, President of Republicans Overseas France, an organization representing the U.S. Republican Party abroad, materialized on November 10 in the holding of this first-ever initiative.

It was an unprecedented gathering of right-wing personalities from the United States and several European countries. Kristi Noem, Republican governor of South Dakota; Nigel Farage, Brexit leader; Eric Zemmour, president of Reconquête; and even President Donald Trump attended it from a distance. Throughout the day, speeches, delivered face-to-face or sometimes remotely, punctuated this international conference, whose beating heart was set on the defense of Western civilization, its identity, and its freedoms. A common challenge shared by liberals, conservatives, and patriots in the West. Randy Yaloz’s ambition was to bring them together and federate them as much as possible at this stage. This innovative idea was born of a conversation with Solomon Yue, Chairman and CEO of Republican Overseas.

Randy Yaloz, a Franco-American lawyer and father of four, is a fervent Republican who inaugurated the launch of this “WFI” on July 4, the 247th anniversary of the United States’ independence from Great Britain. On November 10, this great gathering was born.

In his opening speech, Éric Zemmour begins by recalling his conversation with President Donald Trump: “Never give in to journalists. Stay yourself,” the former president advised him ahead of the last presidential election. What the two politicians have in common is that a large part of the press dislikes them. And that’s enough to bring them closer together.

Over the course of the day, five “round tables” were held, each focusing on a predefined theme. The first, moderated by journalist Éric Morillot, focuses on freedom of expression and the judicialization of political life. It was introduced by André Bercoff. “Freedom is indivisible. If we don’t understand that, we’re sliding towards soft totalitarianism,” the Sud Radio host begins, recalling the restrictions on freedom of expression imposed during the COVID-19 crisis. Vaccines, the war in Ukraine, climate change… The role of the citizen is to “have questions about everything”—to exercise a critical mind, not to be dictated to by a single message. A privilege that, for the time being, Western citizens can still enjoy.” The West invented freedom of expression; it must not lose it.

A few days earlier, Randy Yaloz had announced, “There will be a surprise guest at this event.” At 4:00 p.m., his identity was revealed: Donald Trump. The former President introduces the third-round table, focusing on winning electoral strategies and moderated by John Lowe, an American lawyer and Republican candidate for Congress in Delaware in 2024. To address this topic, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s two campaign managers during his successful 2016 campaign, made the trip in person. “The corruption in our country is terrible,” said Donald Trump, painting a bleak picture of the political situation in the United States since Joe Biden took office, which he contrasts with the results of his own record after his four years as president. The Americans have understood, and he is convinced. The proof is in the favorable polls that put him ahead of both his Republican rivals and his Democratic opponent. So, we have to be confident. And in any case, there’s no choice, he suggests. “There’s never been an election this important. If we don’t win it, our country will be no more.” 

Another high-profile personality was invited to speak on the woke drift: Nigel Farage. It has to be said that the Brexit architect paid the price when the British bank Coutts closed Farage’s accounts due to a divergence of “values.” “Wokism is Marxism,” the British politician asserts at the outset: “They use race and gender to divide us in the same way they used the notion of class in Russia to bring down the Tsar.” Today, from schools to higher education and the public sector, this ideology has infiltrated every segment of society. By being banned from his banking establishment, Nigel Farage says he became aware of the woke ideology’s expansion into the financial sector. 

The final intervention was made by Christie Noem. This young woman, the Governor of South Dakota, spoke of her impressive personal experience and then confirmed that food insecurity is a national and even international security risk. The threat to America comes not from the EU but from the great friend and partner of the transnational elites, President Xi Jinping at the head of the CCP, who is buying up millions of hectares of arable land without encountering any obstacles, which shows that the question of leadership is essential. For example, Noem was the first to ban in her state “the Chinese application TikTok, which is to the mind what (Chinese) fentanyl is to the body.” Then she reminded everyone that America owes a great deal to France, its thinkers, philosophers, and artists, and that the Statue of Liberty bears the inscription “Dame Liberté éclaire le monde” (“Lady Liberty enlightens the world”). “Also, we must re-educate people who have had their brains washed away and who let themselves be carried away by their emotions.” Then she concludes with haughty words: “Freedom is what characterizes true democracy, so when you defend freedom and true values against the wokist mob, know that you will have lived a meaningful life.”

To conclude this important Worldwide Freedom Initiative, a few closing remarks by Randy Yaloz: “As Kristi Noem just said, we need to be examples of courage. The fact that you are here today is already a sign of courage. The presence of these leaders gathered here is also a sign of hope: tomorrow will be better.”

At the end of the conference, Randy Yaloz draws a very positive conclusion to the day: “We’ve done something no one else has dared to do. The road to freedom is a long and difficult one. We have to do it together. We hope to do it again next year,” he assures us. 

Will the Worldwide Freedom Initiative, the first stone in an edifice designed to unite right-wingers across borders, win its bet? Time will tell, but what is certain even now is that significant progress has been made in the right direction. 

Click here to watch the livestream of the Worldwide Freedom Initiative.

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  1. a few people who sit around and talk. Wow….

    Get back to me when somebody does something about the liberal overtake of the world.

  2. The WFI is a desperately needed counter measure to the WEF, the Bilderberg Society, Soros and all of the other leftist groups that have become increasingly radical. Let’s hope this very quickly becomes even louder and more influential than they are.

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