Intelligence Officer: The Left and the Islamic Movement Are Integrated

In this episode of The Sentinel Report, Stephen Coughlin, an intelligence officer, argues that the left and the Islamic movement are completely integrated in attacking the West.

Additionally, Alex Newman, host of The Sentinel Report, talks with Wes Peters of Swiss America to discuss why Americans should invest in gold and silver to preserve their wealth in a world of inflation.

If Americans wish to withdraw cash, why would the banks not just let them take their dollars and go? Because doing so might unravel today’s economic grand illusion and bring the whole system down, according to THE SECRET WAR, a White Paper by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte. Click the banner above to learn how you can prepare!

3 thoughts on “Intelligence Officer: The Left and the Islamic Movement Are Integrated”

  1. Oh yeah, they both hate white people and their success, their country, their religions, their culture. NO surprise, here.

  2. That’s not all bad. When the islamists finish cutting throats on Jews, they can start cutting throats on Looney leftys. Better yet, start right away. Leave Jews alone. Trump 2024! America First! ULTRAMAGA!

  3. The left are sympathetic to anything/anyone anti-American. Their alliance is not limited to the Islamic terrorists. Antifa, BLM and the ‘black Israelites’ are just a few who enjoy a cozy relationship with white ‘American’ liberals.
    Their hatred is born of jealousy and envy as well as their own pathetic existence. Screw them.

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