‘Invincible Liberty’ Summit Celebrates Family’s Role Resisting Tyranny

MINNEAPOLIS — America’s children are in grave danger, and because children are the future, the nation itself is facing a mortal threat. Liberty and all that is good are on the line.

But this weekend in Minnesota, which is further down the rabbit hole of progressive madness than most of America, a powerful coalition of parents, leaders, activists, lawmakers, and experts gathered to start turning the tide.

The “Invincible Liberty” conference, convened by the non-profit Child Protection League, provided more than six hours of ammunition to the forces seeking to protect Minnesota children from indoctrination, sexualization, trafficking, and other horrors.

Lawmakers spoke of the absolute lunacy that has seized the legislature, including mandatory “implicit bias” training for all legislators. They also described their colleagues’ refusal to protect children and liberty.

But there is hope. Aside from legislation and activism, a key role must be played by the family, which is under relentless assault by the forces of tyranny, speakers agreed.

While the situation certainly looks bleak, one of the main takeaways from the event was that the divinely inspired family is “invincible” and will remain a critical bulwark against totalitarian rule.

Family is key

That was the message of Kimberly Ells, author of the book “The Invincible Family,” during her talk exposing the forces waging war on the family, their agenda, and urgency of resisting.   

“The family is the glue that has held civilization together for all of time, and it always will,” explained Ells, a soft-spoken mother of five who was thrust into the battlefield on the side of the family after reading about the supposed “sexual rights” of children in grotesque propaganda put out by abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

This Planned Parenthood document she found glorified “child sex,” as well as teaching children that they have a supposed “right to have sex whenever they want with whomever they want,” Ells warned.

That was too much for her, and so, she got active. Unlike many activists, who begin at the local level, Ells hooked up with the influential organization Family Watch International. The group focuses on battling anti-family extremism at the United Nations, which is where much of the agenda is coming from.

In her talk, Ells began by debunking the lie peddled by radical feminists, Marxists, and various UN organs that mothers are unimportant.

In reality, “mothers hold the most powerful position in the world, and that story needed to be told,” she said, echoing a point found throughout her powerful book.

It starts at the beginning. Every baby ever born belongs to somebody and is claimed by somebody thanks to umbilical cords, Ells explained.

“Marriage is the mechanism by which fathers claim their children,” she added.

Speakers, legislators, and CPL board members pose for a photo.

Then, things get more complicated.

Thinkers and tyrants throughout history understood that education of children is critical to directing the destiny of the world. And so, they have sought to usurp that power.

Yet despite government efforts, mothers still are the first teachers of their children — what is right, and what is wrong, what is true, and what is untrue, Ells explained.

“And thus it could be argued — and I argue this — that women are the primary masters of the destiny of the world,” she said.

The consequences of undermining the familial relationship and bonds cannot be overemphasized.

Eliminating the “private possessorship” of mothers over children will lead to ending private property itself.

“The reason for the ferocious push for abortion we see today becomes clear,” continued Ells. “They are out to take women’s power”

Family is also “the genesis of the most powerful force in the world: love,” she continued.

“God created families because that’s the best way to generate love,” she explained. “We start learning to love in mini-societies we call families, then move out from there. If we didn’t have families, we wouldn’t understand how to love people like family. You can’t teach people to love humanity before they learn to love their family.”

But all of that is under attack. “Totalitarians seek to destroy the family because they want that power,” she said.

Governments that seek to protect liberty don’t have much to fear from families. But those that seek to eliminate freedom must wage war on the family — and thus, they do.

Movements currently waging war on family and motherhood include communism, socialism, feminism, and more.

Marx and Engels even called for government education of children, arguing that this would help “free” women to do what the would-be totalitarians described as “socially productive” work.

Ells also quoted multiple radical feminists insisting that marriage and the family must be crushed for women to be truly “liberated.”

Finally, Ells addressed the “sexual activism,” its true purpose, and the mortal danger it represents to all that is good.

Same sex marriage, she explained, undercuts children’s rights and undermines idea of men and women being complementary. That is bad enough.

But the transgender movement is even more dangerous, she warned, because it seeks to annihilate the very idea that there is such a thing as mom and dad.

“When women linguistically and then legally disappear, so do mothers,” Ells warned, pointing to the transgender movement’s end game.

While most transgender victims do not understand this, the agenda is clear, she said.

Interestingly, one of the women who helped organize the conference was a former victim of the transgender movement who sought to impersonate a man until she met her Lord Jesus Christ, she told The Liberty Sentinel.

As part of the sexual and gender activism, the UN has played a key role in moving the agenda forward.

The push for so-called “gender equality” at UN, Ells warned, is actually a subversive agenda to eliminate gender entirely.

The UN is also seeking to “unteach” what parents teach their children at home, she said. And while the threat may seem far off, Ells explained that there is already a direct line running from UN to your child’s classroom.

That UN narrative includes promoting promiscuity, denigrating motherhood, denigrating fatherhood, claiming only “experts” can be trusted to raise children, and much more.

And unfortunately, the UN has made great progress.

“There is global infrastructure already in place,” she said. “We have to resist this in every possible way.”

As for what parents and activists can do, Ells sounded quite optimistic.

“The future of the family is very bright!” she proclaimed. “The family cannot be destroyed because it’s based in our very anatomy. God is the master of anatomy and He has stacked the deck in His favor.”

But that doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing.

“The battle for the babies of the world is always fierce, because babies are the ones who will ruin the plans of the tyrants,” she said.

“In the end it will be said love wins — the love of mothers will win,” she said.

Even as the wreckage of socialism passes, the family will stand firm.

Ells offered the example of Hungary under savage communist oppression. The top priority of the brutal regime was hijacking the minds of children.

But parents would not allow it. Indeed, Hungarian parents, after turning all the lights out in the house, would quietly teach their children in cellars, passing along knowledge of God and history to the next generation.

It created what Ells described as “Holy patriots” with a burning passion for God and their nation, despite the relentless propaganda and indoctrination imposed on Hungarians by their communist oppressors.

Ells concluded with some helpful tips:

-Teach your family what you believe about God, liberty, family, etc.

-Expose and oppose false ideologies.

-Go to StopCSE.org and watch documentary, without children present

-Work to influence public policy

-Buy great books and read them.

Minnesota Government Schools Gone Wild

Another key topic at the Invincible Liberty conference: the madness overtaking the state of Minnesota, and especially its public school system.

One of the speakers who offered a chilling look at the abuses and looming dangers was Katherine Kersten with the Center of the American Experiment.

Among other travesties, she exposed the coming state “social studies” standards that infuse the curriculum with Critical Race Theory, anti-capitalist propaganda, and other “woke” ideology.

“Middle schoolers will learn that their identity is a function of their skin color,” she warned, adding that far-left Governor Tim Waltz was pushing this “campaign to replace education with indoctrination.”  

They regard the new standards as nothing less than an effort to “change the way Minnesotans think,” she warned, quoting one of the figures behind it. Minnesota classrooms, meanwhile, are seen as a sort of “racial spoils system.”

As the indoctrination gets more and more extreme, the government’s own data shows atrocious levels of “education” when it comes to English, math, and more, with most children not even reaching proficiency.

Under the proposed new standards, the Civil War would be studied only in terms of how it affected and involved “indigenous peoples,” Kersten said.

When learning about major U.S. cities or geography, students must focus on the indigenous tribes on whose land those cities were allegedly built.

“The ideology is racial identity politics and identity politics,” she added, warning that the indoctrination and radicalization begins in Kindergarten.

Students are led to conclude that America’s “unjust institutions” must be changed or torn down, she added.

“These standards fail to give young people the broad historical context needed to put our nation’s flaws into perspective,” Kersten continued.

As an example, she noted that they would learn nothing about the Arab and African slave trade, 20th century totalitarian regimes, Soviet gulags, Mao’s atrocities, and other key information needed to understand the world around them and their nation’s history.  

The composition of the committee behind the standards appears to violate state statutes requiring broad cross-section of society and experts, Kersten said.

Consider that the team included just one trained “historian,” and that alleged historian is a specialist in the African slave trade and voodoo. Yes, seriously.

“Minority students will suffer the most as they come to see themselves as victims,” Kersten cautioned, noting that they would be deprived of the tools needed to succeed by being bombarded with the idea that they are helpless victims.

“This is deadly for our democratic way of life,” she added.

Speaking of the enormous achievement gap between “white” and “black” students, she said the cause was not racism — as presupposed by the authors of the standards — but family. Children from broken homes do not do as well, and that holds true for all racial and ethnic groups.

The end goal is easy to see. “They want to cut down the tree of Western civilization,” Kersten said.

But ironically, “they still want its fruits,” she added, noting that the very same moral standards by which the social-studies standards’ creators condemn America and the West actually emerged in Western societies.   

Ultimately, this “educational coup” is aimed at injecting “toxic poison” into the civic bloodstream of Minnesota.

“It’s a woke crusade to indoctrinate the next generation of Minnesotans and Americans,” she added.

But the Center of the American Experiment is fighting back. Among other efforts, the group is working to raise awareness using a variety of methods including an upcoming 16-city speaking tour. The group is also creating a toolkit and a network of parents to help resist.

Legislative update:

After the two morning speakers, Child Protection League board member Julie Quist—a farmer and mother of 10 whose husband served in the legislature—offered a “legislative update.”

Among the many bills and issues to watch, Quist pointed to the push to mandate “Ethnic Studies” in government schools, which would inject even more “Critical Race Theory” into the classroom and teach children to believe they are white supremacists.

One bill to support would crack down on child porn — something that is especially crucial as Minnesota has some of the most lenient laws when it comes to producing, distributing, and possessing it.

Representative Matthew Grossell (R-), a former sheriff’s deputy, spoke at the summit on the importance of cracking down on child porn, which he said was rampant across the state and was horrific beyond imagination.

Right now, child porn users and creators are getting a virtual slap on the wrist, he warned. Indeed, one man who was let off with almost no penalties promptly got out, murdered his girlfriend, burned down the house, brutally raped a child, and then left her for dead.

The overwhelming majority of predators get no jail time, Rep. Grossell explained.  

Incredibly, other legislators have been working to block serious efforts to rein in these crimes citing excuses such as the idea that it is “too expensive” to incarcerate child-porn producers.

Quist urged attendees and lawmakers to stop bills that would introduce even more “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” in schools, which according to experts grooms children for pimps and predators.

Another key piece of legislation cited by Quist would remove school exemptions from obscenity statutes protecting children from porn.  

One of the heroes of the movement to protect children, Dr. Judith Reisman, a key inspiration behind the Child Protection League who was actually responsible for the name, passed away in recent weeks shortly after receiving the COVID shot.

In her honor, the conference featured a beautiful tribute to the crusader for children. Among other key accomplishments, she exposed and debunked the pseudo-scientific research of sex fiend and pervert Alfred Kinsey, a man responsible for the rape and sexual torture of hundreds—if not thousands—of children.

One of the other lawmakers who spoke at the summit, Rep. Eric Lucero, explained that Satan uses sexual perversion to destroy and tear down nations.

Pointing to Numbers 24-25 and the historian Josephus, Lucero said there was a pattern of this in the Bible.

The conservative lawmaker also blasted “science-deniers” who attacked him for defining “male” in legislation as a person with an x and a y chromosome.

Also on the list of critical issues addressed by Lucero was the agenda is to usurp parental authority on education and vaccines. Some colleges already mandating vaccines he warned, adding that his efforts to protect medical liberty were being undermined by others in the legislature.  

One major effort that Quist sought to expose was a proposed constitutional amendment that would purport to create a “right” for “all children” to have a “quality education” as measured by uniform achievement standards set forth by the state.” The amendment describes this as a “paramount duty of the state.”

The potential for further usurpation of power from parents and families is obvious, and governments have long been using this sort of language to undermine parental rights and educational liberty.   

During a panel discussion with legislators and Quist, the lawmakers offered insight into the outrageous “implicit bias” training that Democrats were forcing them to accept. Any representative who did not attend would be stripped of his or her committee assignments, they said.

Also speaking at the event was Cicely Davis, the state director of “BLEXIT,” the chair of Senate District 59, and a spokesperson for the Conservative Republican movement.

Blasting Critical Race Theory as a fraud and a tool to weaken and divide America, Davis slammed the race-mongering and division being fomented by the Left.

She also said it was insulting to black Americans to treat them as perpetual victims incapable of improving their own lot.

Davis, who acted as MC, quoted the Bible extensively in encouraging the assembled activists to keep fighting the good fight.

Finally, Liberty Sentinel editor Alex Newman gave a keynote talk on “Rescuing Our Children” encouraging everyone to remove as many children as possible from the government school system as quickly as possible.

From the indoctrination and sexualization to the dumbing down, America’s children are being destroyed. Most are leaving their faith and turning on their families and nation–and it is deliberate.

Newman explained that, if current trends continue with the indoctrination of America’s youth, liberty and family will be in mortal danger.  

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