Is Trump a Patriot or a Globalist Stooge? (Video)

APPLETON, Wisconsin (VIDEO) In this wildly popular talk at the John Birch Society’s 60th Anniversary celebration, Liberty Sentinel Media President Alex Newman examines whether Trump is a true patriot fighting to Make America Great Again or a globalist stooge stabbing Americans in the back.

Actions speak louder than words. And in Trump’s case, his actions indicate that he really is a patriot working to crush the globalist Deep State. It will be a long battle, and victory is not assured, but you need to watch this presentation to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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4 thoughts on “Is Trump a Patriot or a Globalist Stooge? (Video)”

  1. Not sure that the JBS is the best source to use to prove this point but I do agree with most of what the speaker said.

    1. Does tge Deep State Bureau of False Flagofication have a similar dossier on the SPLC as actual extremists? If not, which they do not, then JBS’ credibility goes up.

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