Islam Just Conquered One of the Oldest Christian Nations in the World

Islamic-socialists and Islamic-Marxists just crushed and conquered one of the oldest Christian nations in the world and the media is not covering it.

In this episode of The Sentinel Report on Lindell TV, Alex Newman, CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media, interviews Clare Lopez, an expert in national security, to break it down.

Do not miss it!

3 thoughts on “Islam Just Conquered One of the Oldest Christian Nations in the World”

  1. first time to visit your site -from
    watched this episode,
    I am an expert on Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
    The whole episode was about Islamists BS. war between religions, Zionist old tune that does not sell anymore.
    If you believe the media narrative that Muslims and Ben Laden led 9/11, you have not done your homework or you are a Zionist, aren’t you?
    If that is the kind of guest you have, it is not worth it visiting again. Waste of time.
    your guest seems to be confused or the promoter of Zionist propaganada.
    Azrebajan is armed by Israel and has to get approval from the USA to do that.
    Muslims infiltrated Jewish & Christian groups? are you kidding?

  2. Part 1 …
    Any non-violent or violent advance of Islam in the United States is an act of war against your freedom, your life and all you hold dear because the successful end result of the non-violent and/or violent advance of Islam gives the same end result that would be seen if your nation was defeated in war and then the victor eradicated all evidence in your culture that did not please their god (i.e. Allah).

    Part 2 …
    The oldest law (and presently very relevant law) is … “Be organized and/or allied to protect that which you or your like-minded group and allies … value and claim … whether that which is valued is Life, Liberty or Property … or it can be and likely will be taken from you … sooner or later.” (rev220608C)

    The then “Native Americans” of North America, before or after the mass migration of Europeans to North America, made no effective progress at being organized and/or allied to defend the borders of North America with deadly force. This is likely because of their lack of knowledge about large sailing ships, knowledge of the geography of North America, possible future threats from outside North America and their predominantly lack of cultural recognition of “ownership of land and natural resources” … which apparently caused them to only be locally “organized and/or allied for common defense” and without adequate organized defense of the border of North America from invasion … armed or not.

    Since the arrival of the first European invaders, the Commanche Nation likely represents the best effort of many efforts of Native Americans to be organized and allied to defend land against invasion.

    Although being armed is a requirement for protection of innocent life, being armed can only slow down any deadly creeping tyranny and ultimately can not stop or reverse deadly creeping tyranny without resulting in a dictatorship of patriots and/or tyrants to Liberty … as required to keep the peace. No battle of any kind is won until the political battle is won … while the political battle can be won by any possible means … it is best won by a prolonged, deceptive or overt, non-violent means … so as to not “cook the frog too fast”.

    While it is always good to be armed, the future need for a second violent and risky American Revolution against an embedded enemy is best reduced or eliminated by being organized and allied to identify, fight and win the unarmed political battles as required to secure those assets … before the chance to win those battles by any means is lost forever.

    Part 3 …
    Religion and politics can help or hinder the other, but one of these can not do all of what the other can do … unless the religion and the politics is that of doctrinally deadly, supremacist, tyrannical, unreformable, deceitful and very political Islam … which has all religious and all political beliefs for a Muslim … combined as one entity … Islam.

    The “ballot box political power” that stops or reverses the advance of Islam in the U.S. will also be powerful enough to stop or reverse any other deadly tyranny … however, the deadly tyranny of Islam will not be stopped or reversed unless that effort is led by the gender that has the most to lose under Islam … i.e., women. But sadly … not even that will apparently happen since Christian women were a main component in the election of Obama … our first jihadist President … (unless the “MAGA Agenda or Better Movement” is successful at sustaining Constitutional Freedom into the future of States and the U.S.)
    Bill Coleman.

    Part 4 …
    Please share this complete message.

    Are you interested in discussing the specific requirement in your State Constitution (as in the SC Constitution and in most if not all other State Constitutions) … which if effectively made into State election law … would inherently ban all use of mail-in ballots … and create a starting point for creation of Election Integrity in regard to proper uses of mail-in ballots and all other election processes?

    Please call me … Bill Coleman, Greenville SC, 864-419-2797, 10am – 8pm or anytime I answer my phone, any day … and/or join here …

    Pathways to Future Election Integrity … on Facebook …

    SC Constitution …
    Article II, “SECTION 1. Elections to be by secret ballot; protection of right of suffrage. All elections by the people shall be by secret ballot, but the ballots shall not be counted in secret. The Right of suffrage, as regulated in this Constitution, shall be protected by laws regulating elections and prohibiting, under adequate penalties, undue influence from power, bribery, tumult, or improper conduct.”

    “angel.of.freefom_17” … Truth …

  3. Islamic-socialists and Islamic-Marxists just crushed and conquered one of the oldest Christian nations in the world and the media is not covering it. [How True]
    But what the Socialist and Marxists are not aware. Is that when the time is right, Fundamental Islamism will take over, then real tears will roll, not crocodile tears.

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