It’s a TRAP: The Left WANTS Civil War to Crush America

The Left is deliberately working to bait regular Americans into violence and ultimately a civil war for the purpose of finally destroying the United States and crushing all dissent, explained author and Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer in this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

Spencer, who has trained the FBI and the U.S. military on key issues, warned that the extremism of the left is designed to practically force Americans into a corner. Eventually, once they get their desired response, the full force of the military-industrial complex would crush Americans.

His new book, The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War, explains the strategy. More importantly, it explains how Americans who love their country can avoid falling into the trap that would end up destroying everything.

Before bringing on Spencer, Alex breaks down the news of the day.

–Revival at Asbury College in Kentucky? We shall see.

–Australian regulators caught red-handed covering up massive Covid vax damage, now being exposed across the nation.

–Chuck Schumer holds up the ChiCom flag to celebrate Chinese New Year. Can you imagine mass-murdering commie Xi Jinping holding up the US flag?

–Arizona legislation to stop voting machines gets through Senate Committee. SB 1074: “Prohibits use of electronic voting equipment as primary method for tabulating votes in any city, town, county, state or federal election unless outlined requirements are met & prescribes requirement relating to the source codes for electronic voting equipment.”

–Add non-vaxxed and anti-vax to terrorist watchlist? UK politician seriously proposes it.

–New racist Disney “Proud Family” show promotes fake history, racial division, and political extremism. But numerous Black Americans are speaking out against this filth.

–Biden handlers’ Ambassador to France is removing paintings of historical giants and replacing them with woke activists. According to a Tuesday report in the Washington Free Beacon, “among the portraits Bauer banished was that of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, who served as minister to France in 1796. A portrait of Pinckney, a signer of the Constitution and general in George Washington’s Continental Army, was replaced by a photograph of transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, who claimed to have played a prominent role in the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City.” Rivera recounted proudly: “I have been given the credit for throwing the first Molotov cocktail by many historians but I always like to correct it. I threw the second one, I did not throw the first one!” Among those with whom she has replaced all those dead white racists is Dolores Huerta, “a labor leader and former honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America. Huerta was a frequent speaker at conferences and rallies allegedly linked to the Communist Party USA from the 1960s through the ’90s, and in the 2000s was an outspoken advocate for the release of five Cuban spies arrested while operating in the United States.” Spencer says: “The idea of pulling down statues of Washington, Jefferson, and other former national heroes is to signal to Americans, and to the entire world, that a new regime is in power, one that has radically different values.”

–Super Bowl half-time show featured some weirdo musician singing a crappy song called B-words Better Have My Money scratching her butt in devil-red costume. She also grabbed her crotch before smelling her hand.

–The coming housing meltdown of 2023 could be worst since WWII, according to experts and news reports.

–Congressman Massie re-introduces HR 899 to shutdown US Dept of Education. Bill is one sentence: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2023.”

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