Kash Patel: Fighting Government Gangsters and Winning – Focal Point with Alex Newman

The progressive left’s corruption of American institutions runs deep, even into the U.S. Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice, explains former chief of staff to the Department of Defense Kash Patel in this exclusive interview on Focal Point with Alex Newman for American Media Periscope.

“Tragically, what is happening at the Department of Defense is the last thing that should ever happen in any government agency,” said Patel when asked by Newman about the state of our military.

“They [the U.S. military] are supposed to be apolitical by definition,” continued Patel, who also served as Deputy Director of National Intelligence and was a federal prosecutor. “They are not supposed to turn based on headlines and politics.”

Yet, unfortunately, Patel observed the complete opposite, with many government agencies supporting radical progressivism, he said. 

Alex and Kash also discuss “government gangsters” and how to defeat the hoaxes and lies that are permeating society.

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