Kids Are Not Just Being Groomed, But Mind-Controlled: Sue Greenwald

Kids are being groomed and radicalized by perverts at Planned Parenthood and the academic elite through comprehensive sex education (CSE) and programs like critical race theory (CRT) in schools, explains Dr. Sue Greenwald, a retired pediatrician and co-founder of the Protect Nebraska Children Coalition. But they are not only being groomed, explained Dr. Greenwald; they are also being mind-controlled by the technology and media used in classrooms.

Dr. Greenwald revealed that it is not too late for parents to rescue their children. “You have control over where your child goes to school. . .You have control over your state senator; call them; you have control over who runs for your school board; donate to them.”

No matter how conservative your state, county, or town may be, any child in a government school is not safe from the radical, sexual, and downright evil agenda being pushed on them. It is high time for a mass exit of the public educational establishment.

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