Lawmakers Rally in Front of Pfizer to Expose Covid Injection

Three Michigan lawmakers, including one who was injured by the Covid injection, join Alex Newman on The Sentinel Report to discuss their rally in front of Pfizer to protest the injections and demand accountability.

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Rep. Brad Paquette, whose heart was damaged by the “vaccine,” explains his own horrifying experience with the shot, which he was forced to take in order to travel internationally.

Next, Rep. Steve Carra, who is consistently ranked as Michigan’s most conservative lawmaker, explains the importance of getting accountability and justice.

The flyer for the Pfizer rally

Finally, Rep. Angela Rigas highlights the importance of medical freedom and urges all Americans to get involved in the battle.

Before bringing on the lawmaking trio on the program, Alex breaks down the latest news, including the Satanic ceremony (brought to you by Pfizer) during the Grammys.

Here is the news Alex mentioned:

–Record breaking cold on Mt. Washington: New Hampshire’s Mount Washington had wind chills dropping to a record-breaking negative 110 degrees, the coldest wind chill ever recorded in the United States.

–Surfing legend Bethany Hamilton says she will refuse to surf in the World Surf League if they move forward allowing men to compete in the women’s division if they say they are transgender and keep their testosterone levels down.

–A Nebraska Senator offered an amendment to a bill for protecting children from grooming and sexualization at “drag shows” that would instead ban attendance at Bible camps.

–Yale College Council tells students of European heritage to let those of African heritage cut in line, and also to put their coats down in puddles so black people can “walk with ease.”

–The blatantly Satanic ceremony at the Grammys, brought to you by Pfizer, was almost too much to believe, and yet, it happened, and millions saw it.

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