Leave Sodom: Schools Preparing Children For Anti-Christ, Warns Pastor Broggi

It is time for Christians to separate themselves from Sodom and remove their children from the godless government schools that are preparing a generation to accept anti-Christ, said prominent South Carolina Pastor Carl Broggi with Community Bible Church in this interview with journalist Alex Newman on Frank Speech.

Pastor Broggi, a homeschooling father of numerous children, has been sounding the alarm on this in his congregation for over 30 years. But a sermon he preached on June 19, 2022, is now going viral, with one high-profile ministry leader comparing it to Luther’s call for Reformation at the Church at Wittenberg. The sermon was titled “Lot’s Day and Jesus’ Return.”

Before bringing the pastor on, Alex also provides the day’s news, exposing Democrat plans to run fake GOP candidates, the loss of Christian legal scholar Herb Titus, the imminent termination of around 40,000 National Guard troops, the arrest of Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, the 14th BRICS summit, and Dr. Carrie Madej’s plane crash.

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