LIVE From First Landing 1607 Re-Dedicating America to God

Learning our history, remembering the historic covenants at the foundation of America, and getting the Church involved again are critical to the survival of the United States, explain two extraordinary guests on this special episode of The Sentinel Report LIVE from the First Landing 1607 re-covenanting event in Virginia Beach. 

“There is NO separation of Church and State,” revealed Rev. Bill Cook of America’s Black Robe Regiment. He points out that the wall which Thomas Jefferson referred to in his famous letter, was a wall that kept the government out of the church—not the church of the government.

Rev. Cook and Alex also discuss how and why more pastors need to be involved in government, pointing out that this is a Biblical concept. Pastors need to be Warriors for God like Pastor Muhlenberg was during the Revolutionary, ready to stand up for God and their congregations and not be afraid of losing tax exemption status.

Next up on the show is historian Chris Evans, author of “Odyssey of Faith, The Colony of Virginia, Jamestown, and You” to explain what really happened at the First Landing in 1607. She also breaks down the true history of Jamestown, showing how the Faith of the settlers helped shape America is today.

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