Liz Cheney’s Scam Outreach to Wyoming Democrats

Of course RINO traitor Liz Cheney intends to cheat her way past the 2022 Wyoming Republican Primary. Even a cursory glance at her political track record, brief as it is, wreaks with posturing, pandering, back-room deals, and every other shady effort to leverage name and connections beyond anything suggesting legitimacy or actual standing.

            After living her adult life on the edge of the D.C. Swamp in Virginia, Cheney purchased a property in Jackson Wyoming in 2012, just in time to claim residency so she could immediately start running for the United States Senate as a “resident” of the Cowboy State. Her scheme was only marginally different from Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate race, when she claimed to have been a lifelong Jewish New York Yankees fan, though she never lived in the Empire State at any time prior. And the similarities didn’t stop there.

            With her father having been a US Congressman from Wyoming, prior to being Secretary of Defense and eventually Vice-President, Cheney clearly expected to capitalize on her family name, just as the inept and unqualified, but very “entitled” Hillary rode Bill’s coattails to a Senate victory in a state where she had never lived, and had no interest in actually “representing.”

            Sure enough, Cheney’s father collaborated in the scam, absurdly attempting to characterize his thoroughly insider/establishment daughter as the quintessential “Tea Party candidate,” in a shameless attempt at pandering to the conservative grassroots movement of the time. Unfortunately for Cheney, Mike Enzi, the venerable four term Senior Senator from Wyoming, had a fairly solid track record of conservatism, against which Cheney’s transparently self-serving efforts could not prevail. So in early 2014, polling abysmally behind Enzi, she dropped the effort, citing the perfunctory “family issues” pablum of the political class, when it is attempting to save face.

            Her fortunes improved in 2016, when she managed to leverage her name recognition and flimsy claims of “conservatism” to win the open Wyoming Congressional seat, vacated by Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis who had decided not to run for re-election. Since then, Cheney has become a “darling” of every political cabal except real Republicans, real Conservatives, and those hapless Wyoming peasants who are only good as a springboard for ambitious aspiring political players.

            After taking Wyoming’s single Congressional seat, Cheney followed the hard-left course of every RINO fraud who made empty claims of being “conservative” back when they knew mere words would suffice. But things drastically changed, and she suddenly had to concoct grand excuses for betraying those on the right, the moment President Trump arrived in DC, and began making real changes. Among Beltway swamp creatures, she remains in “good standing.” And that amounts to consistently attacking the President, while giving credence to the most outlandish lies and distortions concocted by the most vile and poisonous leftists.

            Cheney’s latest outrage is to join leftist Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s witch-hunt “Select Committee,” ostensibly empanelled to investigate the January 6 episode at the US Capitol. The goal of Pelosi and the Democrats is to convince America that a 3 hour demonstration on Capitol Hill, with some protestors entering the building, somehow constitutes the gravest threat to the Constitution and the United States of America in its history. Pelosi’s ruse is inarguably leftist agenda-driven and inherently fragile. It faces imminent implosion unless it can operate under the banner of “bipartisanship.” And this is where RINO traitors like Cheney make themselves invaluable to leftist Democrats.

            But Cheney has a bigger and more self-serving plan in the works. She clearly intends to take advantage of her Democrat connections to bypass Wyoming Republican voters in next year’s primary election. She knows that she cannot prevail in an honest election. So she intends to get massive Democrat crossover support on Primary Day. A convoluted election law, put in place by crooked Wyoming RINOs in the past, makes that possible. Democrat voters can enter the polling place, re-register as “Republicans,” vote for the most liberal candidate on the Republican ticket, and then re-register as Democrats before leaving. In that manner, liberal “Republicans” in the Cowboy state have long been able to insulate themselves from the truly conservative voting base, while still claiming to be “Republican.”

            Conservative efforts to straighten out this rigged aspect of Wyoming elections have been consistently shut down by the disturbingly large RINO contingent that, over time, has wormed its way into power as a result of the deliberately corrupted system. For far too long, a major portion of the Wyoming populace remained oblivious to the scam that had been perpetrated in their midst. But as they become aware of its significance to this upcoming race, they are increasingly outraged and are intent to see it fixed.

            Predictably, Pelosi and the DNC will be putting the word out to the Democrat Party in Wyoming to make the switch, and support the venomously anti-Trump Cheney in next summer’s Republican Primary. And if the Republican field of candidates has several viable members who would potentially divide the vote of real conservatives, Cheney could indeed “win” by garnering even a tiny fraction of the overall vote.

            While the reality of this scenario would merely reflect how so many closet liberals have wormed their way into Wyoming government, posing as “Republicans” while being as leftist and fraudulent as any DC Democrat, the whole affair would be thoroughly and deliberately mischaracterized on the national scene. If Cheney prevails, expect her win to be incessantly portrayed as “the most Republican state in the nation turning its back on President Trump.” Both leftist Democrats and their RINO lackeys, from coast to coast, have much to gain by such an outcome.

            To fully grasp just how insidious and malignant the treachery of the RINO phenomenon actually is, just consider that Liz Cheney is enlisting the help of California leftist Democrat Nancy Pelosi, in order to outmaneuver real conservatives and eke out a primary “victory” in Wyoming!!

            One thing is absolutely certain, Cheney is thoroughly reviled throughout the Great State of Wyoming. She has studiously avoided any public appearances. It would certainly not look good on camera for her to be vigorously booed out of the room by Wyoming Patriots. She cannot win in an honest race, and she does not dare show her face in any public forum or candidate debate, either before next year’s primary, or if she should manage to cheat her way to a “win,” at any point afterwards.

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