New World Order “Strike Forces” Coming For Your Children

Beijing Biden’s vaccine “strike force” teams are going door to door–because the regime insists it is “absolutely” the federal government’s business–even as Australian politicians and media announce the “New World Order.”

Those are some of the key topics in this week’s episode of Unravelling the Narrative on American Media Periscope with Alex Newman and Sean Jackson.

Other topics include:

-YouTube being fined 100,000 euros

-The escalating protests in Cuba

-The Taliban and Communist China taking over Afghanistan

-The massive expansion of “mental health” in government schools to deal with the horrified children after a year of COVID gangster government and critical race theory brainwashing

-Homosexuals admit they ARE coming for your children

-Democratic Socialists of America send a team to hang out with mass-murdering Marxist butcher Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela

-Congress is considering two bills being to have the federal government take over credit scores, a likely precursor to implementing a Chinese-style Social Credit score in America

-ChiCom professor admits CCP had operatives at the highest level in the U.S. government from 1992 through 2016

-And much more!



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