MI Has First Case of Human Bird Flu Plus TN Police Wage War on Human Trafficking

On this episode of Alex Newman’s The Sentinel Report, Andrew Muller joins Newman to break down the biggest news items, including the FBI’s horrendous clearance to use deadly force while raiding Mar-A-Lago back in August 2022.

Additionally, Alex invites Shawn Taylor, the assistant chief of police for Millersville, Tennessee, on the show, who is going after human trafficking and government corruption and is getting hell for it as a reward.

Next up, Jack Knocke, the executive director of Nassau County Citizens Defending Freedom, joins the show to share how he and his organization are working to get obscene books targeted at children out of government-funded libraries and how you can help.

Finally, Bradlee Dean, the host of Sons of Liberty Radio, comes on to promote an exciting event in Pensacola, Florida, on May 24.

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