MLK Hospital in LA Caught Lying About Pandemic

The fake media is once again lying, hyping a non-existent overflow of hospitals.

Case in point is this propaganda from the New York Times:

Southern California’s Hospitals Are Overwhelmed, and It May Get Worse

Fake media outlets including the LA Times, Newsweek , KTLA and many more also falsely reported that Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in south Los Angeles was the world’s epicenter, with Covid19 patients supposedly lined up from the lobby to the street.

However, as proven by the video below taken by Lenka Koloma, the whole narrative is a hoax. In fact, the hospital looks so empty it might as well be abandoned.

Watch the video:

Similar lies were told about hospitals in New York this summer, with the fake media even using images from ITALY to spread their propaganda.


5 thoughts on “MLK Hospital in LA Caught Lying About Pandemic”

  1. I just looked at the MLK ‘ epicenter ! ‘ for covid on ABC from one day ago.
    They had to splice in crowded Airport turnstiles while they were talking to overcrowded ( aka empty ) IC units where just one guy in the entire ward is saying they’re over capacity…never once, showing any evidence of their lies.
    The only epidemic you can actually witness are ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN outright abusing your 1st amendment.

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