“Murder” of JFK, Sen. McCarthy & Forrestal – Betrayal at Bethesda

In this interview with Liberty Sentinel’s Alex Newman, author J.C. Hawkins discusses his book about the alleged murder of John F. Kennedy, Senator Joseph McCarthy, and Secretary of War James Forrestal.

All three men were fiercely opposed to the communist conspiracy, and were on the front lines fighting it in America.

And all three men appear to have been murdered, with each of the alleged murders involving the well-known military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

Political operative and Trump confidante Roger Stone praised the revelations.

“This is one of the most important books ever written including, for the first time, how JFK’s orders for a preemptory air strike against the Cuban Airforce, canceled at the last minute doomed the Bay of Pigs invasion,” he said.

Hawkins says the book sheds light on the Deep State that continues to wage war on America today.

You won’t want to miss it.

The book is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy

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