1 thought on “National Tour: Rescuing Our Children & Saving Our Nation”

  1. My sister and I were privileged to meet Alex, his dear wife and four boys in June when they stayed with us several days while Alex was at the Red Pill Conference in Hartford. After a number of years of an on line friendship, it was wonderful to meet Alex and his Family. The boys were lively and fun. Tina is a lovely lady and it is refreshing to meet a committed couple,. and Alex who is on a mission to Rescue our Children from the inadequate, and increasingly corrupting American Public Education. My sister and I were fortunate to be educated by elderly teachers in the latter 1930’s, and through the 1950’s! Our younger, even college educated relatives were not so fortunate. My extensive collection of textbooks from 1800’s and early 1900’s are light years ahead of even college textbooks. I have passed many on to a parent home schooling her son, and Alex will receive the balance of my collection. Leaving such a legacy is worth its weight in gold! Sadly, even on eBay, they are becoming rare.

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