Nearly a Fourth of States Introducing Biometric Digital IDs — and More Than Half Are Republican ‘Red’ States

If there is one indisputable fact when it comes to the epic changes now enveloping the world as everything, even money and humans themselves, become digitized, it’s this: The race to install a global totalitarian control grid is taking place outside of the normal left-right paradigm.

Everything you see being argued within a left-right dynamic is a smoke-screen meant to distract and deceive.

Conservative Republican states like Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah and Ohio are just as eager to advance the digital ID/digital currency recipe for globalist control as liberal Democrat states like California, Michigan, Maryland and Hawaii. Read on as we break down the latest developments on the topic nobody wants to discuss in public.

I hate to keep repeating myself, but I will say it again because I’m afraid it is not sinking in for the vast majority of Americans. Digital ID + CBDC = Total control/tracking of all human activity.

Once these two totalitarian tools are in place there will be no turning back. The beast system will be hovering over us 24/7, watching everywhere we go, everything we buy, what we are eating, who we are choosing to connect with, and whether we’ve submitted to the latest injection that promises to protect the herd.

All of this data will be transferred instantaneously to third parties who have no inherent right to it, other than the fact that people voluntarily hand it over to them. Oh, they may say they need these digital tools for other reasons, but those of us who are awake and aware of the game plan know full well where it’s heading. They want to monitor your buying and living habits so they can award you a social-credit score, then offer rewards or punishments based on how well they determine you are using scarce resources such as food (especially meat, eggs and dairy), gasoline, natural gas, electricity, etc. They will also know if you’re “up to date” on your shots.

If your lifestyle is scored as less than “sustainable” you will be treated accordingly. All of a sudden your digital ID will flash a warning to the scanners at various entry points to everyday societal functions, and eventually these scanners will be all over, barring you from entry. You won’t even be able to log onto the internet. You will no longer qualify for any government services, a driver’s license, social security, Medicare and Medicaid, veteran’s benefits, etc.

A Federal Reserve official recently admitted that transactions using FedNow, the forerunner to a U.S. central bank digital currency that was launched last month, will provide the Fed with an inside look at your banking records.

And Dr. Pippa Malmgren, an economist and advisor to presidents, let the cat out of the bag in March 2022 at the World Government Summit, when she said this:

With digital IDs and digital currencies, central bankers will have a “perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy,” Malmgren said.

The infrastructure for that system started with 5G, installed with federal funds under the Trump administration. Now the states are doing their part, ushering in biometric digital drivers’ licenses.

Biometric Update reported on August 2 that California, Michigan, and Iowa are all taking steps to implement digital IDs under the guise of the driver’s license. California is testing, Iowa is launching, and Michigan is considering legislation related to “mobile driver’s licenses.”

“Mobile driver’s license.” Doesn’t that sound innocuous?  

These three states — California, Michigan and Iowa — are joining Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Hawaii, Ohio, Utah, and Maryland in offering biometric digital drivers’ licenses.

They all brag about how much more safe, secure and convenient things will be once all we humans have accepted our digital marking.

“New digital driver’s licenses will allow residents to virtually perform services that otherwise would have required an in-person trip to the DMV,” says Ajay Amlani, president and head of the Americas for iProov in a comment emailed to Biometric Update.

Here is what iProov says about itself on its website:

iProov is the world leader in biometric face verification. We enable banks, government agencies and other organizations to verify that an online individual is who they claim to be. This helps prevent identity theft and other cybercrime, while also making online services easier to access.

Recognized on the 2022 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 list for the third year running, iProov works with organizations including the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, UBS, the NHS, Eurostar, the Australian government, the Singapore government, ING, and many more. Since 2011, iProov has been developing visionary technology that is years ahead of its time.

Our flagship Genuine Presence Assurance® technology is the only way to assure the genuine presence of an online user and ensure they are the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. Our Liveness Assurance technology delivers an effortless and passive user experience and assures the person is the right person and a real person.

iProov has global reach and has been in the planning stages since 2011. Now it’s a reality and being rolled out in multiple U.S. states. Watch its 1-minute promotional video below.

Oh, but not to worry. Nobody is forcing you to get one of these new digital IDs, they say. It’s just for those hip, techno-cool folks who like to be on the cutting edge of everything. You Luddites can still have your cash and your old-fashioned plastic cards while the cool people get the “enhanced” IDs that merge their physical, biological and digital identification, just like old Uncle Klaus (Schwab) predicted years ago.

Biometric Update reports:

“Michigan is proposing a bill that would allow the Secretary of State to issue digital IDs in addition to their traditional physical counterparts, according to a local outlet. If passed, (Michigan) DLs would become official IDs, equivalent to physical licenses. They would be valid for state government services, banking, police stops, and ID checks for age.”

In short, these will be all-encompassing IDs, merging your triune personhood in the new digital age. We can assume that conservatives will all jump on board when they find out that these new digital IDs would also be a fine way to verify one’s identity when going to the polls to vote. They’ve been clamoring for “voter ID” for decades. Now they will get it. It’s all part of the package. Something for everyone!

Biometric Update notes that some raise concerns about whether an ID can be accessed on a lost or stolen phone. Others raise concerns that deepfakes and other cyberattacks can circumvent biometric authentication.

“Given the ease and accessibility of generative AI tools that can create fake images, it’s irresponsible for government or business entities to implement any system utilizing remote-based biometrics without the necessary protections against AI-created deepfakes digitally injected into vulnerable camera feeds,” Amlani told the outlet.

But notice nobody is raising concerns about privacy and the right to remain anonymous.

California’s DMV is testing a mobile app that allows residents to upload their biometric digital drivers’ licenses to their cellphones “with iProov’s biometrics and liveness detection.”

“Now, California residents will soon discover a mobile driver’s license is not only a more secure way to verify one’s identity without having to divulge significant amounts of personal information, but also a much more convenient option,” says Amlani.

Ah yes, install iProov and divulge less “personal information” about yourself, he says, even as you hand over the most personal identifier imaginable in your facial scan, eyeball scan or palm scan.

And of course it will be safer and more secure, too.

Amlani puts the cherry on top of his sales pitch with this comment, which should be chilling for anyone who is awake:

“To combat the combination of deepfakes and digital injection attacks, organizations need a science-based, multifaceted approach like the California DMV is employing that leverages the creation of a one-time biometric.”

A one-time biometric ID for a one-world system. Boom!

And he made sure to use the magic words; “Science-based.” That’s all most Westerners need to hear and they’ll be on board, since science is a major tenet of the new one-world religion known as global technocracy and transhumanism — the Evil Twins, as Patrick Wood calls them. The idea of every person having a “digital self” as well as a biological and physical self has been around for years but now it’s actually being implemented. Technocracy is the society, Wood explains, in which the new breed of transhumans will live and function. Transhumans will be seen in this society as superior to the old humans, who reject the “progress” of enhanced human abilities offered by the technocratic super-humans. The transhumans will be fully digital, fully connected, at all times, eating artificial lab-grown meat, riding in electric fully autonomous cars. Before long they will be forgetful of those memories of what real meat tastes like or the freedom of the open road where you, and you alone, get to make the decisions on where to go, what to buy, who you engage with. Of course the younger generation will never know what freedom feels like, at least that’s what their overlords are banking on, as they under-estimate the innate human desire to live free.

California’s biometric digital drivers’ license program has more than 2,000 active participants and is set to expand over the next few weeks before a public roll out, according to NBC Los Angeles. Participating California residents are still urged to carry their physical IDs, as the so-called mobile DLs “are not universally accepted yet.”

Oh, you silly foolish Californians and dumb Americans. Do you really believe this happy talk about it all being “voluntary?”

At some point, we will start hearing about the backwards non-conformists who are holding up the program, blocking this new form of identification from being “universally accepted.” Because of them, we still have fraud on the internet, fraud in the voting system, at the border entry points, in the banking system, everywhere there is fraud when it could be eliminated if not for these evil ones who refuse to join the system. They neglect the greater good. All they care about is themselves.

United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development tells us clearly and openly that this agenda is not optional. It can only work if everyone joins. “No person shall be left behind,” the U.N. says.

The federal Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is already accepting mobile DLs at 29 airports across America. All you have to do is submit to a face scan. It’s easy. It keeps us all safe!

The state of Iowa, with its ultra-conservative Governor Kim Reynolds, has also launched its digital ID app developed by Idemia on the Apple App store and Google Play. The digital ID is “a companion to the physical card and does not replace it,” according to Toni Smith, a spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Do you see a pattern here? It’s like they are all reading from the same script. Sing the praises of the new digital ID app while stressing that it’s purely voluntary.

This is exactly how the toxic mRNA and DNA gene-therapy shots were introduced. Totally voluntary at first, then gradually the pressure to get them was turned up.

The Iowa app asks a user to upload the front and back of their state-issued ID along with a “moving selfie to verify the identity of the user uploading the license with face biometrics,” Biometric Update reports.

Almost no American politicians in either party are talking about the dangerous path down which we are heading with universal biometric digital IDs, now being rolled out in at least a dozen states. Has Donald Trump had any words of caution? Has Nikki Haley said anything for or against this beast system? Mike Pence? DeSantis? I know Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has mentioned it but I’m not sure about the others. How many pastors are talking about this? Is yours?

Brace yourself. The beast system is advancing in rapid order and there will be no human savior. But don’t worry: It will all be voluntary. Until it’s not. At that point, it’s between us and God and we will have to make a decision.

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