COVID Tyranny Round 2 + Saving Souls, Children, Docs & America

The next wave of Covid tyranny seems to be just around the corner, but in this episode of Liberty Hour, two of the top warriors on this front — Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and super-lawyer Leigh Dundas — weigh in on how YOU can stop it.

Also joining the show from South Africa, where the BRICS was just held, is Col. Chris Wyatt (Ret.), one of the U.S. military’s top Africa experts. He breaks down what is happening at the summit and even weighs in on the political situation. 

Next up is Leigh Dundas, the super-lawyer who for decades has been battling the forces of evil—from child sex traffickers to Branch Covidian tyrants determined to control your life. Her new book, Just Stand Up, is a powerful call to action. 

Joining from Florida is Pastor Seth Tweedale, a faithful minister with a growing national footprint with a passion for saving souls from hell and unborn children from abortionists. He urges all Christians to get involved in the fight. 

Last but not least, Dr. Tenpenny, who is being persecuted by the Ohio Medical Board, joins to discuss the legal attacks on her — and what that means for the rest of the brave doctors who spoke out. 

In the news, Alex covers:  

— COVID tyranny coming back? Fake media promoting COVID hysteria again, claiming hospitals are getting more and more COVID patients. Almost certainly many of them are vaxxed. 

–CDC says “new variant” (BA2.86) is going to hit vaxxed people even if they got all 43 boosters. 

–Infowars sources from within DHS saying the Biden regime is getting ready to bring back COVID restrictions. More and more confirming.  

–Steve Bannon war room: The federal government has started purchasing COVID-19 equipment and hiring advisors on “safety protocols” amidst speculation the Biden White House will reinstate pandemic-era lockdowns and mandates.

–Pro-vax fanatics at Kaiser Family Foundation commission poll showing that 2/3 of Americans read COVID-19 vax has caused thousands of deaths and over 1/3 of Americans believe it is definitely or probably true. Also, 2/3 heard MMR vax proven to cause autism in children – one in four believe it. 

–Lawsuit: Doctors’ Mandatory “Training” Teaches That “White Individuals Are Naturally Racist”

–Might not have noticed because Trump didn’t go, but major presidential debate last night. I love that it was streamed on Rumble, which is far better than YouTube. It’s what I use to post all my stuff, because it is not possible to have honest conversations about the most important issues of the day—COVID-19, election fraud, the castration of children, etc. But the debate itself was pretty stupid. Out of all those candidates, just 1.5 were willing to say no more sending more money to Ukraine.  

–Instead of debating, Trump, who is winning by 50% or 60%, joined Tucker Carlson and broke the Internet. Last I looked over 180 million. Blasted Fox News, and ridiculed Ron DeSantis and other candidates.  

–A lot of the Trump crew has already been mugshot already.

–Climate change is the white colonization of the atmosphere. It’s time to tackle this entrenched racism – So say the climate cultists.

—Victory in Court for ‘Climate’ Nuts Exploiting Brainwashed Children: A “public interest” law firm exploiting children to advance the goals of the global “climate change” movement just won a major court victory in Montana, potentially setting the stage for undermining the economy those children will eventually depend on for jobs, food, and other needs. The decision was ridiculed as “absurd” by the Montana Attorney General’s office. But much more is expected.  

–Bolivia challenges global dollar dominance with Chinese yuan, Russian rouble.

–AOC is on Socialist Tour hobnobbing with Latin American communists across the region, alongside a Marxist congressional delegation.

–Images from Darien gap this weekend as millions continue to flee Venezuela hell toward the USA.

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