New Film Digs Deep into Mount Sinai’s REAL location

Have Exodus Explorers found the evidence? Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney joins Alex Newman in this episode of The Sentinel Report to reveal how he’s completed his 20-year search for the true location of Mount Sinai where God gave the ten commandments.

In this epic conclusion of a two-part series, Mahoney uses the Mount Sinai Scorecard to investigate the final three of the six most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai. See an amazing pattern of evidence and decide for yourself the mountain where Moses and the Israelites worship God. Alex and Tim also discuss why Christians should be more interested in archeology.

Timothy Mahoney is the award-winning director of six feature films: Patterns of Evidence: Mt Sinai I & II, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle I & II, Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy, and Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. Tim is the founder of Thinking Man Films and Media, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based international documentary & publishing company.  

Tim has spent almost 20 years exploring some of the biggest questions of the Bible and what they mean for our world today. His insatiable curiosity led him on a journey across the world interviewing some of the world’s leading Bible scholars, archaeologists, and historians to seek answers. What he’s uncovered is an amazing pattern of evidence that matches the events recorded in the Bible.

In news, Alex goes through:

–Biden sent troops to border not to help protect the border but to help process migrants coming across the border. Tsunami coming. Irreversible.

–As border flood surges with Title 42 expiring this week, TX will send thousands of illegals to NYC etc.

–Dept of Homeland Security wasting your tax dollars to subsidize Facebook and encourage you to report your fellow Americans to the government. Usually, it’s vax. Seems like virtually every ad on Facebook these days is paid for by govt, either get your shots or report your fellow Americans. I have an idea–somebody at the Southern Border should give them a call and file a report!

–The Intercept recently reported the creation of two new federal offices to combat disinformation. The Pentagon will oversee the “Influence and Perception Management Office,” which is consistent with the fact that “Perception Management” is an old DoD euphemism for psychological warfare and deception. THE GOVERNMENT CREATED A NEW DISINFORMATION OFFICE TO OVERSEE ALL THE OTHER ONES
The new Foreign Malign Influence Center oversees efforts that span U.S. military, law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic agencies. WITHIN THE FEDERAL government, offices dedicated to fighting foreign disinformation are springing up like daisies, from the Pentagon’s new Influence and Perception Management Office to at least four organizations inside the Department of Homeland Security alone, as well as ones inside the FBI and State Department.

–Fake journalists at NBC Fake News whining that nobody is going to be able to “police” what Tucker Carlson says! LOL

–Chuck Schumer is mad because the House is trying to do what we elected them to do.

–Show on Polyamours parents normalizing LGBTQ+ horror.

–Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law on Tuesday that bans automatic payroll deductions for teachers union dues.
Under the “Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees” law, public-employee unions are no longer allowed to automatically deduct dues from paychecks and must annually notify members of union costs. The bill, signed into law by DeSantis Tuesday, passed the state Senate in March, 23-17, and the state House in a 72-44 vote.

–Households should ‘accept’ being poorer, Bank of England’s top economist says
Huw Pill said workers asking for higher pay and shopkeepers putting up prices is ‘self-defeating’ as it fuels inflation

–Biden corruption and treason scandal just keeps growing: House Oversight: The Bidens took steps to hide, confuse, and conceal payments they received from foreign nationals.

–CIA actively recruited political hacks to sign letter defending Biden crime family and alleging Russian disinformation.
SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE the CIA actively intervened on behalf of Biden AGAINST Donald Trump.
This is why they keep accusing Trump of election interference:
Because THEY were doing it the whole time.
Ex-CIA Chief Morell emails Ex-CIA Chief Brennan
Asks to add him to the infamous “51-Agent Hunter Laptop from Hell Russia-Hoax” Letter.
Ex-CIA hack Morell overtly admits he was fabricating “talking point” for Joe Biden to use during a presidential debate.

–Speaking at ReAwaken America.

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