New Study Shows CDC’s Childhood Vaccine Schedule Harms Children

In this episode of Alex Newman’s The Sentinel Report, no topic is off the table, starting with Dr. Brian Hooker, the chief scientific officer at RFK’s Children’s Health Defense, who recently published a new study proving that the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule is hurting children, contrasting results with unvaccinated youth.

Next up, Joy Pullmann, the executive editor of The Federalist, joins the show to discuss her new book, False Flag: Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America.

Finally, Michigan State Representative Steve Carra joins Alex to discuss a Democrat who many are speculating might replace Biden as the party’s nominee in 2024, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Representative Carra, who represents Michigan’s 36th district, wrote a parody response to the governor’s forthcoming book, “True Gretch,” detailing the governor’s horrible administration.

Chances are, it’ll be a job that doesn’t even exist yet. Prepare your child for success not by teaching them what to learn, but how to learn. You can homeschool. We can help.


2 thoughts on “New Study Shows CDC’s Childhood Vaccine Schedule Harms Children”

  1. So, here’s a fact that nobody has yet disproved…
    100% of “vaccines” are created by JEWS.

    Isn’t that…odd?

  2. Is the CDC even allowed to do this anymore? After the SCOTUS ruling I don’t think they are. Sue them. They can’t make law.

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