Newman Breaks Down Capitol Chaos, Stolen Election

Journalist Alex Newman has been on numerous shows to discuss the recent events at the Capitol, the stolen election, and what comes next.

Below are several. More will be posted here in the days to come.

This is among the most dangerous times in American history for liberty, the Constitution, and the principles America was founded on.

But the fight is not over. The fight for faith, family and freedom will never be over!

On Monday, January 11, Newman spent an hour with nationally syndicated radio host Kate Dalley discussing the Capitol false-flag, the expansion of the terror war to target conservatives, and how the real way forward must include the Bible:

On Sunday, January 10, Newman went on Dave Janda’s program for the second time in a week to discuss what was happening and the obvious Deep State panic about Trump:

After President Trump got back on Twitter and announced that there would be a “transition” and that this was just “the beginning,” Newman went on USA Watchdog to discuss with journalist Greg Hunter:

In this nationally syndicated interview on Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend program, Newman and journalist Leo Hohmann discuss the ongoing revolution and the setup at the Capitol:

Newman also went on the Marty Heiser show on Connecticut cable TV to discuss the fraud, the illegitimacy of Biden, and more.

Marty Heiser Show – Episode 351 from Public Access Studios on Vimeo.

As the storming of the Capitol was taking place, Newman went on the excellent Canadian Christian show Laura-Lynn Live with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

They discuss the possibility that it was a setup, and much more. Alex’s segment starts 27 minutes in.

In this historic panel for the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC), journalist Alex Newman, historian William Federer, activist leader and researcher Trevor Loudon, and constitutional scholar (and former military attorney) Joanna Martin (aka Publius Huldah) discuss the election steal.

After watching the beginning of the certification in Congress (before the storming of the Capitol) the panel discusses options. More importantly, they discuss what comes next.

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    Charles Roberts

    Alex, if the past four years are any indication, and if the past 30 days are any indication, Trump won’t do a thing.
    Sorry to say that, but it’s a logical conclusion. I hope I am wrong.

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