NJ Offers Students Cash to Shill for Vaccines

Government officials are offering New Jersey school children taxpayer-funded cash prizes to shill for Big Pharma and its never-ending list of vaccines and mRNA injections, sparking alarm among critics concerned about informed consent and the exploitation of minors by special interests for propaganda purposes. The goal is to promote vaccines, the agencies behind the push said.  

The “Protect me with 3+” contest, sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Health, seeks to turn naïve students into propagandists for a scandal-plagued industry that has bankrolled politicians and media for years. The program targets children in grades 5 through 12 under the guise of “raising awareness” about the “importance of adolescent immunizations.” Winners receive gift cards.

“Vaccination is an important step in helping to prevent illnesses and potentially devastating consequences,” reads the website for the contest. “Your poster or video must raise awareness of the importance of vaccination against one of the following vaccine-preventable diseases: Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap), Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY), Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Flu, or COVID-19.”

Without any warnings about the myriad known risks of vaccines, the government-backed program urges children to get involved. “By getting vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and your family and friends,” reads the promotional material for the contest. “Not vaccinating a child on time can make someone else sick, like a friend, baby, adult, grandparent, or someone unable to be vaccinated.”

The controversial program, which is not new but has started promoting more and more shots, was lambasted before a national audience by The Defender, the news-media arm of Children’s Health Defense (CDH). In a wide-ranging article quoting numerous experts, attorneys, and other voices, the vaccine-peddling contest is blasted as “cruel” and dangerous.    

Dr. Brian Hooker, who recently co-authored an explosive book with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, sounded the alarm about the New Jersey contest. “This type of insidious manipulation of children for Pharma profit is cruel and inhumane,” said Dr. Hooker, a former federal scientist who serves as senior director of science and research for CHD.

“It is typical of state departments of health to lie about the safety profile of vaccines, but NJDOH takes it one step further, where these unsuspecting children will be used as minions in their dangerous campaign,” said Hooker, whose research has shown that horrific health problems are far more prevalent in vaccinated populations.

“The vaccines to be promoted, especially COVID-19 and HPV, have strong safety concerns and will lead to greater rates of adverse events in the children and adolescents targeted in this campaign,” he continued, urging parents and students to avoid the campaign. “None of that will be addressed by NJDOH. This flies in the face of informed consent and is absolutely shameful.”

Other critics cited in The Defender article spoke about the legal and ethical problems of using taxpayer money to have children produce marketing materials for the industry. Multiple experts slammed the program as an abuse of government power, unethical, and more, saying it meets all the criteria of “fraudulent business practices.”  

The scandal comes after government schools in New Jersey and other states were caught bullying children into taking the highly controversial mRNA injections for Covid, which posed almost no risk to children. It is universally acknowledged today that despite false claims by Big Pharma and government, the “vaccines” did not prevent infection or transmission. And more dangers continue to be exposed.  

This “contest” is a flagrant abuse of children and taxpayers by big business interests and the government officials they have purchased to do their bidding. Regardless of what one thinks of vaccines, using tax money to bribe children to market potentially dangerous products — or any goods and services — is immoral and outrageous. Parents must protect their children.

Originally published at Freedom Project Media.

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  2. These shots have hurt too many people. Government doesn’t care about we the people and there could not be a more obvious sign than this promotion.

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