PROOF of Vax Devastation Amid Medical Murder and Targeting Dissent

The evidence is in now that it is possible to compare vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations, and the evidence is clear: Vaccines are devastating the population, and the government and Big Pharma companies KNOW it.

That is what Dr. Brian Hooker, a former federal scientist and bioengineer who co-authored Vax-Unvax: Let The Science Speak with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, reveals in this explosive episode of Liberty Hour with Alex Newman on AMP News. He also calls for prosecutions and major reforms.

Next up is Scott Schara, the father of Grace, who was killed in a hospital. Schara tells Liberty Hour that medical murder is now the leading cause of death in America, and that the numbers speak for themselves. But he will not rest until justice is served and this evil is exposed.

Finally, Terry Newsome of Illinois Parents Involved in Education joins Liberty Hour to explain his ordeal of being put on a government terror list, either for being in D.C. on January 6, speaking out at the school board, or both. Thankfully, U.S. lawmakers he met with are serious about reining in these abuses.

In news, Alex breaks down the fight for speaker, the persecution of Donald Trump, the weaponization of government to target Trump-MAGA supporters as terrorists, the lawlessness of the Biden administration, the accelerating invasion of the United States via the Southern border, and the destruction of the world’s oldest Christian nation by Islamo-Marxists as the world looks away.

2 thoughts on “PROOF of Vax Devastation Amid Medical Murder and Targeting Dissent”

  1. The indemnity clause of 1986 is null & void if fraud is proven. Unfortunately, we now live in a time where “real” evidence is not adequate for our (in)justice system. Our courts, congress, s DOJ, fbi, etc., are no longer our friends. They have aligned with the NWO and believe they will be untouchable.

  2. I have documentation stating that I received 2 Moderna vaxxines for which I never asked for; I don’t ever remember getting them, I informed my PCP at the time that I DID NOT want any vaxxines so why is it on my documents? I called the PCP office to inform them of this error and they stated they do not see what I see so I am going up to their office physically to show them that there is proof that they put in to the database that I got the shots when I did not. This goes to show you how messed up this system is, from beginning to now, nothing but confusion and chaos.

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