Outback Outrage: Bestiality Taught in Australian School’s “Queer” Sex Class

In this episode of Alex Newman’s Sentinel Report, Faris Cassell, the author of the new book “Inseparable: The Hess Twins’ Holocaust Journey through Bergen-Belsen to America,” tells the story of the Hess twins, who fled Nazi Germany for the presumed safety of the Netherlands. Steven Hess, one of the twins, also joined the program to offer his recollection of the Holocaust.

Next up on the show, Dr. Duke Pesta, the Director of FreedomProject Academy, host of the Dr. Duke Show podcast, and a tenured professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, joined the program to break down the horrifying news coming out of Australia about bestiality being taught to kids in government schools.

Finally, Alex goes through some of the hottest news stories, including a CIA contract officer bragging to an undercover reporter about how the agency illegally goes after commentators like Alex Jones.

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